The Chariot Card


The seventh card in the Major Arcana is the Chariot.  This card shows how successful you are and how much determination you have, that you will never give up.

The Chariot will show that you will have challenges but that you have to use willpower to fight through them.


The past of the Chariot shows that you are successful and that you will have a balance in life.  You will start a new job, or you will achieve new things wherever you go.


In the present, the Chariot will show you that you are getting places.  You will see that you will have a job and you will learn from it.  You will always want to meet bigger goals.


The future of the Chariot is that you have something great to look forward to.  Maybe you want to start a new project or get a future position as a boss.  On the other hand, you might want to work alone for a while.


If you want to look at your work, you will see that you have an end goal and want to work hard towards it.  So do not get distracted, even if you are self-employed.


If you want romance, the Chariot is not a good card for you to draw.  Stop fighting with your partner because you might see that you want something, but you cannot share it with them.  You might need to figure out how to have willpower, and you need not let other people force you into things.


The Chariot card can represent friendships that are not good.  You might need to be alone and focus on projects or something else besides friendship.  Don’t give up on your friends, but you need to ensure that you are not left behind either.


The Chariot shows that you can have enough money as long as you pay your bills first.  There will be no reason to buy an expensive car or clothing and put your money in something that gives you a purpose.


You will have good health, and you are a warrior.


The Chariot wants you to be active in your religion.  So take different paths and take time to figure out where your spiritual life lies.


The Chariot is a King, but he is more than likely a prince.  He does not have a beard and does not make his victories seem less, but he shows them off because he achieves a lot in his life.  His sphinx shows that there is mystery in his life.


The Chariot in reverse can mean that you do not have the willpower that you need.  You want to achieve your goals, but you never seem to get there.  You are mindful, but you sometimes do not go on the right path.  You need to find out what direction you want to go and see what dreams you have.


  • Transportation
  • Successfulness
  • Strong
  • Ambitious


The Chariot element is water.


The Chariot is a Cancer


The answer is yes.