The Fool Card Tarot Card

The Fool
The Fool

One of the most known tarot cards is the Fool.  This is part of the Major Arcana set, and much of the set is used to tell the story of the Fool.  This card is a positive card and is one of the most important cards used.

The fool is considered to be an ignorant thing because it has not had enough experience as other cards have.  This is not meaning a stupid person but someone that the reading is talking about.

What is the Fool card?

At the beginning of the journey is the Fool card.  When you start the journey, you will have no baggage, and the Fool card will help you to find experience.


When the Fool is in the past, it shows a time where you could have taken another path in life and ended up in a different area or a different part of your life.  It can also mean that you will have something set in motion, which will cause you to be on a new path.  This can mean time that you have wasted in your past.


The Fool card in the present shows that you are in a position where you are about to abandon something.  Instead, you want to find new things and start a new phase in your life.  You might feel like you want to begin, or you have begun a new journey already.


The Fool in the future relates to a future journey.  This journey is not literal, but it is a symbolic or spiritual journey.  This journey means that you want to have new goals and reach for new things in your life.  If you are wanting to start something new, the Fool card is something that you want to draw in your reading.


When you meet new friends or are impacted by a change in your job or your schooling, this can be the Fool card.  If you have a new step towards something new, you might join a new club or take up a new activity.


In love, the Fool card means that you might find someone new that you become interested in.  This can change from who you are with, and you can see yourself getting closer to someone new.


The Fool in a friendship means that you will find new friends and form new bonds with people.  The Fool card means newness and not something that already exists.  You will find new people in your life interesting, even if they do not end up being your best friend.


The Fool card can give you a good sign when you ask about money.  It can mean that you are working toward a better job that will pay more.  So this can be a very positive card for your future.


The Fool is someone that has a hard journey ahead, so he is very healthy.  This can be positive when looking at your health.  Nothing will bring down the health of the Fool.


When you are looking into your spirituality, you will know that the Fool makes things feel right.  This can be something new in your life and something you don’t have to spend time worrying about.


The Fool is a beginner, which means that you could have a new hobby or find something new that you enjoy doing.

The Fool wants to know the meaning of everything in his life, and even though he has everything he needs, he is starting things new.  The Fool is sometimes seen carrying things on his journey, which symbolizes the things you own in the world.  The journey of the Fool will take him through all of the Major Arcana, which are zero plus any number that will become that exact number.  The Fool can become more than zero or more than himself, but this number will be cyclical.

The Fool knows that there are things he must experience and things that he is living now.  Therefore, if the Rose comes up, this is the hand of the Fool and would mean freedom.


When looking at the Fool in reverse, it means that you are working towards being stopped from doing something that you want to do.  This can mean that you are being careless and that you are not able to be creative or to find new ventures.  So make sure that you are not getting lost in yourself and that you are doing things that have actions behind them.


  • Innocent
  • Ignorant
  • Babyish
  • Wonderer
  • Careless


The Fool stands for the Air element.


The Fool stands for Uranus

When asking a Yes or No Question:  The answer will be a yes answer.

Other Things:  The Fool is “beginning mind,” which means being eager to do something new.  The Fool wants to start things and doesn’t have any concerns with life.