The Five of Cups Tarot Card

Five of Cups
Five of Cups

The fifth card in the Suit of Cups is the Five of Cups.  This is a card that is dark and does not have a main character on it.  This card represents failure, and behind the character are two characters that are upside.  There are times where things are positive, and not everything is negative.


The past with the Five of Cups means that you are thinking about something that was bad a long time ago.  You will find that you reach a fork in life that will make you pick one way or another.  This can be dangerous for you, and you will not know which way to go on the road.  You will make mistakes and have failed, but the experiences will be valuable.  An experience that is bad will be a lesson, and you will learn to make good choices.


The present with the Five of Cups card means that you will go through a stressful period in your life but that you will have high emotions about it.  You will focus on the negative things, which will cause you to be upset.  You will have events that happen, but there is a silver lining to your dark cloud.  Remember that bad things happen to everyone, but you will learn how to react to them positively in the end.


The future of the Five of Cups can mean a period of time that you will regret your life.  If you are doing something wrong or not sure about a decision, ask other people to give your ideas.


The work in the Five of Cups is that you will work hard, and you will have both good and bad.  If you work too many hours, focus on things you are good at instead of micro-managing everything.  If you need help, ask people to help you.


In love, the Five of Cups can mean that you will need to have time to analyze what is failed in your life.  Is it your fault or your partner’s fault?  Learn to think about the relationship and know what is going on with you.


You will have friends, but you will argue even if they choose you.  You might have a hard time understanding your feelings and want to be with one group of people and not with another.


The finances of the Five of Cups mean that you need to focus on what you have and do not try to live a lifestyle that is not yours.  Don’t follow commercials and social media but live within what you have.  You will have wealth by what you give and not what you have.


Your health with the Five of Cups will mean that you need to be positive if you can but just not to be too negative about things.  There are good things and bad things about everyone.  It will help you know that bad events happen and that you have to learn from them.  Do not use food to comfort yourself.


Your spiritual being will be solid and will not change.  You will have more expression and will see that good future events are coming back to you.  Give to the universe.


In the reverse of the Five of Cups, you will see things from a different angle.  You will recover when you lose something or when you have a bad breakup and realize your mistakes.  Learn to forgive yourself.


The number five is represented in the Five of Cups because this means instability and change.  There are things that you can look back on, but you need to not be sad about them.  There are better things that will come to you in the future, and nothing will last forever.


  • Loss
  • Faith
  • Motivation
  • Regretless


The element water is represented with the Five of Cups

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