Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles
Three of Pentacles

The third card in the suit of Pentacles is the Three of Pentacles.  This card shows good things, which can relate to working and employment.

The Three of Pentacles shows goals and being certain in life.


The past of the Three of Pentacles shows that there will be a time when you intensely did something, and it paid off.  It means that you have worked hard to get where you are, and now you are reaping the rewards.  Keep going like you are, and you will become a master and a mentor.  This was a good time to look back on, but now you have to move on.  You will see obstacles and fail sometimes, but remember that if the past looks brighter than now, you have grown and are better for it.


The present with the Three of Pentacles shows that you are spending time to know more about what you have chosen to do in life.  This can mean that you are trying to do something to get ahead, and you understand what is going on in your life.  You started a hobby you wanted to do in the past but didn’t take time for then  You are on the right track, and things are improving.  You are becoming a role model for others, so keep smiling and being kind to people.  Reach out to other people, and this will positively affect you.


The future of the Three of Pentacles shows that you have work in front of you that others will use.  You will be an example and show how things are supposed to go.  You will improve yourself personally and become a better person in your life.  Figure out what kind of qualities you want to improve on and get to work. The future can be bright if you put in the effort.


Work and the Three of Pentacles show that you are working hard and are so appreciated that you might get a raise or be put into a higher position.  So keep working and keep setting examples for others to follow. You may not know people are watching how you excel and your work ethic, but they are, so do your best.


In your love life with the Three of Pentacles, it shows that you have a mixed signs, and this means you are looking at relationships from the past and the problems that you had, and you are pushing them into this new relationship.  So if you want to meet someone, keep going at what you are doing right now; even if you are doing nothing, keep doing it.


Your friendship with the Three of Pentacles shows that you have problems and need to figure out why they are happening.  What is causing them?  It might be that you are not suited for that person, but now is a time to work with your friends in a common place.  This can be a hobby or a project, or a vacation.


In your finances, the Three of Pentacles shows that you will have money because you worked hard for it.  This is linked to money, so drawing a pentacle card is good if you need money.  Don’t worry about your financial situation, and if you are going into a hole, it is just a lesson for you.


Your health with the Three of Pentacles shows that you have been working hard and you are keeping up with your health.  You have been dieting and working out, and so if you continue doing it, you will maintain your body.  So don’t worry about too much.


The spirituality of the Three of Pentacles shows that you will have good stories and legends to help you grow.  You will have an open mind and take in as many ideas as possible.  If you find something that challenges you, do it so you can grow.


The Three of Pentacles, in reverse, shows that you have worked hard to bond with people and that there is no cooperation with others.  This means you might have a different viewpoint than they do.  This can be because of work, school, love, or other things.  If you are unclear about how you feel about something, then spend time, effort, and money figuring it out.


The number three is a big number, and it can mean that you have things in the material world.  This can also mean stability and creativity and always stands for birth, life and death.  This number shows you are a good influence on others, and people will look up to you as an example, be real and set a good one.  If you have a lot of threes in your reading, you need to focus on things around you that need to be completed.  Look at the bigger picture in life.


  • Talented
  • Legendary
  • Recognized


The element of the Three of Pentacles is earth.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Remember to keep a clear, yet focused mind when doing or receiving a reading.


  1. The article provides a comprehensive interpretation of the Three of Pentacles. It seems that this card emphasizes hard work and cooperation. However, it would be helpful to know how other cards might interact with the Three of Pentacles in a reading.

  2. The breakdown of the Three of Pentacles across different aspects of life – past, present, future, work, love, etc. – is quite detailed. The insights could be very useful for someone seeking guidance in these areas.

  3. The detailed analysis of the Three of Pentacles across various life domains is quite informative. The emphasis on hard work and setting a good example resonates well with the card’s symbolism.

  4. It’s interesting how the Three of Pentacles touches on personal growth and self-improvement. The notion of being a role model and mastering your craft is a powerful message.

  5. The article does an excellent job of explaining the different facets of the Three of Pentacles. Understanding its positive and reverse meanings adds depth to its interpretation.


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