The eleventh card in the Major Arcana is the Justice card.  This card is literal, and someone might suffer punishment.  Sometimes, you will see it as restoration, and something wrong will become right.  It can also show decisions that you have made.

The Justice card shows balance and karma. The Justice card cannot be considered positive or negative because justice is meant to be fair based on what you or others put into the world.


In the past position, the Justice card shows that the decision you made affects what is going on in your life now.  It doesn’t mean that you made good or bad choices; it just means that your decisions are bringing new things.


The Justice in the present position shows that you have to make a big decision.  Of course, you are always faced with decisions, but the Justice shows it will be a choice that can affect people around you.  Do you have a new path to take?


The future position of the Justice card can show that you will have a bigger decision forthcoming in the future.  For example, you might have to choose between a new job or other life things.


The Justice card regarding love is strange.  If you are single, you might want to become a partner soon and have the choice to do so if desired.  On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship, you might see that you are about to break up. Either way, prepare yourself to handle it appropriately.


This card will show you that you have a good balance between life and friends.  You will understand your friends and know if they are not good for you.  If you meet someone new in life, they will probably influence you in some way, so choose carefully.


The financial position is a good time to draw a Justice card.  You can claim some type of money based on the card and get the money that people or businesses owe you. Keep in mind this is money owed, not a random gift, but either way it will be unexpected.


You will need to find balance in your life if you draw a Justice card in health. You need to look at your body and mind as important to all areas and treat them well.


The Justice card will show you that you are balanced and equal, spiritually speaking.  This will have to do with your religious practices.  You will need to consider opposing ideas of religion with an open mind, even if you do not ultimately agree.


In the reverse factor, the Justice card shows dishonesty happening in your life.  You might be keeping the truth from someone, and you might want to see if you have problems originating from your family or friends.  You can reflect on things carefully. If something you did resulted in punishment, realize it was due to the negativity in your life.


  • Truth
  • Honesty
  • Legal
  • Balance
  • Karma
  • Responsible


The element of Justice is water.


The Justice is the sign Libra.

Yes or No Answer

The answer is unknown.  If the question is about morals, it will be a yes.  If the question is about anything else, it will be a no.