About Us

Like many people, I’m looking for answers. I’m not always confident in my decisions, and my life goals are often set aside or lost in the muddle of everyday life. For a long time, I felt like I was moving through life on auto-pilot, going through the motions but not really engaging with the people or situations around me.

That all changed when I picked up a book on psychic energy. I had seen advertisements for psychics before but had never thought about going to one or picking up the phone. This time I realized that there was a lot I didn’t know about myself or about the messages the psychic world might be trying to get through to me.

There is so much we don’t know about our brains or about the world around us, and I was curious to learn more about my spiritual self through some sort of psychic practice. I ended up being incredibly intrigued by the idea of tarot cards, and as I searched through the history and uses of tarot cards around the world I was convinced that this could be what I needed to sort some parts of my life out.

I visited a tarot card reader and asked a couple of questions, curious about the process and how my tarot card reader would interpret the answers to my questions. From this and from subsequent visits, I grew more comfortable with the idea of tarot cards and even bought myself a set for personal use.

I like that tarot cards are easy to use and simple to receive answers from. These cards, with their unique images and meanings, have been used by Romani fortune tellers all the way up to Jungian psychologists tapping into the idea of the universal consciousness. Tarot cards can be used for personal readings to dive into your spiritual self, or they can be used in a reading done by a professional tarot card reader.

Becoming involved with tarot cards made me realize that I had both the power and the responsibility to invest in and change my life for the better. I was able to take inspiration from the cards and their interpretations to better engage in my life. I became more open to myself and to others, all the while continuing to learn about the ways in which psychic energy can affect our everyday lives. Find your own tarot card reader online today, and good luck!

Ruth Delossantos