The Death Card


The thirteenth card in the Major Arcana is the Death card.  This is one of the most known tarot cards and it does not mean a literal death.  This has a figurative meaning and means that you will have the death of something in your life and that everything is only temporary.

The Death card means that something that you have done will come to an end and there will be transformation.


The past with the Death card shows that you have moved into a new life, and you have sacrificed things along the way.  For example, you may have ended a relationship recently, or you may have ended a job.  Death is a hard thing to put behind you.


The present with Death means that you will find your life soon.  You will see that there will be changes in your daily life, and you will sometimes worry about things.  You will remember things down the road, but you won’t want to think about them.  You will heal all of your hurts.


The future of the Death card shows that you will see something happen in the future.  You will have hard times in life, but you cannot change this.  Do not worry about those times and know that something will eventually change.  Do not worry about dying even though you will someday.


In Death, it means that you will have a job that comes to an end.  You may finish your education or graduate.  You will have a job that you expect to be at forever, but it will end suddenly.  Then, you will start something new.


With the Death card, love is not a good sign.  Something that you are in, such as a relationship, will come to an end, but it will be your own choice.  You will see how your life affects you and your partner, and you might want to be single.


Concerning your friendships, Death will mean that you will lose friends and that you will not be able to control this.  Also, it means that you will have arguments for no reason, and you will want to fix them right away.


Death will be a good sign for your finances.  You will feel that you have enough money, but you will spend it on things you do not need.  You will work for others, and you will try to get rid of things and help yourself out.


Death does not look like a good sign in your health, but you have to learn to go to the doctor and take care of your body.  You do not overcome Death by being alone.


Your spirituality with Death can mean that you will spend time seeing things from a different point of view.  You will get a second opinion on things and listen to the universe.


In reverse, Death means that you will have parts of your life that end, but you will also have things that get better.  So if things are in your past, you might be able to repair them, and you need to not hold on to negative things.


  • Ending
  • New Leaf
  • Starting Over
  • Transformation


The element of the Death card is water.


The astrological sign of Death is Scorpio

Yes or No Question?

The answer is no.