Best Shuffle for Tarot Reading

Shuffle for Tarot Reading

When someone does your tarot card reading, the only thing that you have to do is pick the cards, shuffle the deck of cards, and then put your energy towards what the reading is going to do. When you shuffle the deck, no matter what kind of cards you are going to pull, you might feel that you’re just randomly shuffling cards around or that you are doing something wrong. What is even the point of shuffling cards during a tarot card reading?

The main reason that you want to shuffle the cards is that you don’t want to keep picking the same cards over and over again and so when you shuffle the deck, it changes the cards around. This can increase your energy and help your intuition to be stronger.

Shuffling the cards lets you take time to meditate while you get ready for your reading. You can talk to your spirit guides and ask them to help you and to protect you while you are doing your reading. You can shuffle the cards and it can give you time to ask your guides questions and to get your energy aligned. This is the best way that you can get the information that you are looking for from the cards.

As you shuffle the cards, you might have a card that falls out of the deck. This is something that happens sometimes. Remember, shuffle carefully because as you shuffle the cards, these are things that are a part of your life. When you pick a card, you will get a reading that can tell you what is going to come to your life.

It is important when you shuffle the cards that you listen to your intuition and that you learn to trust yourself and the deck of cards that you are using. You have to allow the spiritual world to guide you and that is one reason that shuffling is so important. Shuffle your deck as you connect with the higher powers.

Most people that read cards will use their left hand to shuffle. This happens because the left side is feminine energy, and this allows people to reach deeper into their intuition. This allows the reader to get the power from the universe. Other people do believe that people should shuffle and deal the cards with their hand that isn’t dominate. People that are right-handed will still use their left hand to shuffle but if you’re left-handed then you would use your right hand as your non-dominate hand. There are some readers that will shuffle with one hand and deal with their other hand.

Shuffling helps people to be centered and to be grounded and this allows them to connect with the spiritual world and the spirit energies. This helps the reader to be able to trust the reading and when they shuffle, this can make the reading more accurate.

How to Shuffle Tarot Cards

There isn’t one right way to shuffle the cards and you can decide which way feels most comfortable to you. There are still some tips that people can follow when they shuffle tarot cards. Here are some great shuffling tips to follow:

  • Cleanse the Deck

When you get a deck of tarot cards, the first thing that you should do is to cleanse the deck. If you get the deck from a store or if someone gives it to you, you still need to cleanse them to get rid of lingering energies that might have connected to the cards. This can help you to have more accurate readings. Try using smudging such as sage or palo santo to help cleanse your cards.

  • Ask the Question

As you are holding on to your cards, ask the question and keep it in your mind while you hold the cards. Take a few minutes to meditate and keep asking your questions until you feel ready to start dealing out the cards.

  • Shuffle the Cards

After you keep focusing on your question, it is time to start shuffling the cards. Do whatever feels right to you. You might be someone that likes to divide the cards in different sections and then pick them up or you can divide them in half and shuffle them together. This is completely up to you.

Draw the Cards

When you finish shuffling the deck, as long as you feel you need to, it is time to draw out the cards. Some will do a 3-card method which means that they pull out three cards and put them into their own pile. The first card means your past, the second card means what you are going through right now and the third card means what is going to happen in your future and how you need to handle it. Remember, there are many different ways to shuffle the cards and you have to decide.