Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles
Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles or the Seventh card in the suit of Pentacles shows a card that is not all good or all bad.  This card means you have to prepare yourself for things you haven’t hoped for in the past, but may come to fruition in the future.

The Seven of Pentacles shows lacking and being poor. Though this sounds completely negative, it can actually be a call to action in your life or a signal that things will change depending on the path you choose.


The past of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you have spent a lot of hard work and time to get rewards.  However, you know many things that can help others, especially people who are just starting out. You may or may not have been willing to help the new people out at that time.


The present position of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you are living life and reaping the rewards of your past.  It shows that you are a sensible thinker and you plan for our future.  You make sure you are safe, and you take precautions.  Sometimes you feel sick and you might for a little bit longer.  But, you can do the best for yourself by overcoming boundaries.


The future of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you are on a path of growth.  You want to start something new, and you can expect all parts of your life to keep growing.  This can be a new job, friendship or relationship.  This will be good if you are dedicated to it.


The work of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you are improving.  First, you might want to look at your roots and your past successes and how you got to them.  Then, look at how you can use your mind to get further in life.  Be known in your field and let people come to you for knowledge.


The love of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you are in a strong relationship or you are establishing a long-term love or crush.  This is part of your life, and you need to do what you can with it.  You need to relax and take problems in a stride.  Laugh even when things are hard. This will help you manage through any struggles that may arise in the relationship.


The friendship of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you will have great friends, even a best friend, and you will need to do something like plan a vacation or a trip with them.  There is no time like the present to set up something.  Learn to grow slowly and to be okay with that.


The finances of the Seven of Pentacles show that you will need to invest in something.  You are due for a payout.   Do what you can do to benefit who you are, which will help your future.  Put money away for the future and plan carefully.


The health of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you are taking care of your mental and physical body.  You are doing things such as a new diet or exercise program, which works well for you. Jeep up all your good work to continue on to even stronger health.


The spiritual part of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you have reached a plateau, and you need to find a new belief system.  If you are at the beginning of your religious studies, take it deeper and learn to connect.  You have enough knowledge to know how things are and to spread it to make others have a happy life.


The reverse of the Seven of Pentacles shows that you lack vision and do not have long-term goals.  You are feeling stuck, and you are not driven or passionate about things.  You need to dedicate time to your goals and to think about what you want.  Take time to be quiet and to concentrate on yourself.  You are capable of great things if you dedicate yourself.  Look for potential in others, and don’t let people steal what you have created.


The number seven represents the Enneagram which means seven.  This can mean planning and stepping ahead.  Do what you need to do and set goals.  Calm down about stuff and think things through without getting upset.  Even if you act now, think about it carefully and plan accordingly.


  • Persistence
  • Being patient
  • Investing


The element of the Seven of Pentacles is earth.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is that you need to think about this thing and take time to think about it.  Think of the man growing his crops and waiting for the harvest.  Maybe you are waiting for things as well, but perhaps you are hoping they come too fast. Trust the process that things will come in the right time.