Misunderstood Tarot Cards

Misunderstood Tarot Cards

Some tarot cards are considered to be scary, but the truth is, they are just misunderstood. Even though the images might be dark, it doesn’t mean that something is going to be negative in your life. Tarot cards show you what human life has to offer on different paths and for each card on the deck, it can guide you to something better.

  • Death Card

This is a card that scares many people, but it doesn’t mean that you’re going to die. This usually means that you might go through some kind of change. Some people will feel that this is a bad card because something is going to end but you have to have something end so that you can have new beginnings to be able to grow.

  • The Tower Card

This is another card that has a negative name. When your life feels like it is falling apart, it can be hard to see anything positive. But this card sometimes means that you have to face your problems and change your behavior so that you can live your best life. This might sound bad but if you allow the change to happen then good things will come from it.

  • Ten of Swords Card

When something needs to end before something begins, you might see this card. This card shows someone dead and if you are someone that has faced fear, rejection, or other hard things, this could mean that something inside of you died. Letting go of painful things can help you to start new.

  • The Hanged Man Card

Find your highest self by letting go of things that are holding you back. You have to let go of control and get your power back. You might feel stuck in something in your life, and this is because you think that you need to be in ultimate control of things. Sometimes you have to let go of that control in order to reach your highest good. Listen to your intuition and be thankful as things move forward.

  • Nine of Wands Card

Maybe your heart is broken, and you are trusting that things will never get better but know that you will get through this. Be brave and allow yourself to move forward as you trust the universe to fight your battles.

  • Five of Pentacles Card

This card can mean that there have been changes that made you feel lost. You might feel this is a bad card, but the truth is that it can mean that you need to focus more on yourself, and you need to start asking yourself hard questions like, “what caused me to be in the position that I am in right now?” Then you need to answer these questions honestly. Even though nothing is going to rescue you, you can ask someone to help you and this card shows you that there are people or things close to you to help you if you just reach out to them.

  • Five of Wands Card

You might be dealing with people coming against your or trying to beat you, but you can’t have a victim mindset. Don’t be afraid to fight and look at your life as releasing drama. This might be a fight of your life but as you fight and you get more skills, you will see that you can win.

  • Six of Swords Card

This card is one card that is seen as negative because the image shows a boat being punctured by swords. This can elude to the fact that the boat is going to sink but it isn’t. By being vulnerable and weak, you become strong. Sometimes you can rely on other people to help you and that is what this card means for you. It can show you that someone is there to help you, just get in the boat and let it take you to a place where you can be safe.

  • Hierophant Card

This card shows someone in authority. If you hate being under authority, then this card might be a negative card for you. Even if you disagree with authority, they are there to help you and there to teach you so that you can grow in your strengths, talents, and power.

  • Negative Tarot Cards

There are no real bad cards when it comes to a tarot deck. The cards might seem scary because you have to sometimes lose something or give up control in order to be on top. This isn’t always a bad thing, and it can be a learning thing for you. If you’ve gotten one of the cards above in a reading, take action and even if you feel scared, face it head on.