Using Oracle Cards to Live the Best Life

Oracle Cards

Have you ever tried to look in a book and see if you can get answers to your problem? Just like that, some people use oracle cards the same way. Oracle cards can direct you in your life and it uses traditional information just like other tools like tarot cards, pendulum reading, tea leaf reading and more.

There are different cultures that use different tools of divination to understand their lives and some of these have been around for thousands of years. When using oracle card, make sure that you have an open heart and an open mind.

Oracle cards are a deck of cards that can help you to tell the future, figure out your life and help you to grow in your spiritual being. Here are some facts about oracle cards:

  • Priestess in Ancient Greece would be spoken to by the gods.
  • A shrine is where people went to ask question of an oracle.
  • Answers given by an oracle.
  • Expression or an answer.
  • Tools to help discover the universe.
  • Visual metaphors that help you to make strong intentions.
  • Interpretation of the material world.
  • Intuition trainer.

Oracle Brain

The great thing about the brain is that the right brain is responsible for imagination and being creative and this is where intuition comes from. Intuition isn’t taught but it is something learned within yourself. An oracle can be something that helps you to reach into the spiritual world or into a higher place.

Oracles are also cards that can help you to have synchronicities in your life. They help you to see events that are important, and they connect these events with your life. They can align you with whatever opportunities you need to have.

Idea Behind Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are something that people use to help them make sense of things around them. They are based on universal power and as you learn and think on things, you can see that this is a tool that can help you. Other tools such as throwing coins or using a pendulum are the same way.

Even though science can’t prove that these things are real, tradition shows people that by using these things, the energy can bring change and it can open up an understanding beyond space.

Oracle cards help you to listen to what your inner being is saying. If you try to use them each day, then you can make your intuition stronger. They help you to interpret your patterns in life and the information that is given to you. When you use the oracles, you are using a symbolic idea and translating it into things that you can understand. This can be like the Rosetta Stone which can be a translation to mysterious things.

The idea behind this tradition is that the universe is there to connect with you and will help you to live your bests life. Oracles help you to connect with the world and with your inner being.

Do Oracle Cards Predict Things?

The oracle cards don’t always predict things, but they let you leave the interpretation up to whatever you think it is. Oracles can tap into things you are aware of, and they can tap into your past, present and future. Once you ask the oracle cards a question, it gives you different ideas on what could happen in your life.

As you meditate, you open up your mind and it allows your state of mind to be current. The ideas and actions that you take and the state of mind that you have will influence what the cards say to you. Oracle cards don’t always tell the future, but they can tell what is happening in your life and what you can do to change the outcome.

Another way that you can use the oracle cards is to look at the situation in your life. Look at the awareness that you have of this situation and then find a deep understanding that you hadn’t considered beforehand. Be wise and allow the oracle cards to reach a deeper level in your subconscious mind.

You can look at the oracle cards and the situation that you are facing, and you might not see that they are correlated. As you think on these things though, you will see that it can open you up to new possibilities and even though the interpretation might not be complete, you will see that you can form a deep experience with the cards.

Dharma and Karma in Life

Dharma is your life purpose, and your karma happens as a consequence for the actions that you take. As you look at the oracle cards, you will see that the cards can correlate with your life. When you experience things, you will see that dharma and karma are held in high authority and it can confirm the messages that the cards are giving to you. Ask permission and set intentions on the belief of the person that you are doing the reading for so that you don’t cross any lines.

Talking to the Oracle Cards

You can talk to the oracle cards, and you can focus on the purpose behind them. As you see change in the future, you can set your intentions and take a step to find your deeper being. As you do this, you will see that the oracle cards will tune into your intuition and will help you to be confident in what you are doing.

  • Go Deep

Take time to go deep and to tune in to what the cards are showing you. Meditate and do breathwork as you prepare to look at the cards. Make sure that you are allowing yourself to be in the present before you start. Chant or do mantras if you need to.

  • What is the Issue?

Pay attention to the issue that you have in front of you and ask the right questions. Don’t ask yes or no questions but make sure that you are asking questions that the cards can give you symbolic answers to.

Oracles help you to look at the process and the answer isn’t always going to be easy. Don’t let interpreting the message for yourself be too vague and try and be specific for what you want to know.

Using the Oracle Cards

There are different ways that you can use the oracle cards to help you to understand what you are going through and what you need to do to change it if its negative.

Interpreting the Cards

Look at the oracle cards and interpret it as closely to the meaning as you can. See if the cards give you an immediate answer but don’t expect that. Sometimes you have to keep asking questions until you get the answers you are looking for. Seek the universe for this.

Take time to journal your answers and see what the reading has to tell you. Sometimes you might need to go back and read it again and you will see if there are cycles that you keep falling in to. Notice the behavior that you have and see if you have different interpretations come to you. Write them both down.

Sometimes there will be two messages that come together but sometimes the messages might seem totally opposite. This could just be seeing things from two different perspectives. Don’t get frustrated if this happens but take time to understand both interpretations and why they might have come out like that.

Look at the oracle cards and see how you are approaching the reading. Set your intentions, keep your mind open, be mindful and love the cards. As you learn to read the cards, you will see that you can have deep reflection and awareness as you grow in your spiritual self.