Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups
Ten of Cups

The Ten of Cups card is one of the most positive cards you can get.  It shows ten cups hanging by a rainbow with a probably married couple.  They see children in the background.  This is a happy and positive thing.

The Ten of Cups is about fortune and being happy.  You will get the things you wish for in life.


The past of the Ten of Cups can mean different things.  It can mean having a good family and a positive upbringing in your life.  This can mean peace and no conflict and can refer to the past few years of your life when you became negativity free. The card in the past position represents happiness either as you lived the past or looking back in your current situation.


The Ten of Cups in the present position means that you will escape the idea of needing to get better and improve in your life.  You have achieved your goals, and you will find a new adventure.  You may even choose to stay where you are but do it with enjoyment.  You will accomplish many things.


The future of the Ten of Cups can mean that you will not struggle and that you will be good in whatever you do in your field.  People will respect you, and you will meet people you have things in common. Enjoy these people and work with them toward a common goal if you desire.


The Ten of Cups will give you input on your life in your work.  You will be in charge of a project and move up in the workplace.  You will not stay in a place for long, and you will always improve in your life with each move or project. Focus on whatever is happening at work at the moment because it is possible that this project will move you forward.


In love, the Ten of Cups is a good sign of a card.  It can mean that you will have a commitment to someone you love.  When your relationship is going well, you will continue in it.  So relax and love what is happening in your life.  If you are single, you have a chance to meet a new person and be in a long-term relationship.


The Ten of Cups in friendship means that you will have a best friend that is like your family.  You will have someone that will take this position if you don’t have one.  If you meet new people, give them a chance. Keep in mind that best friends do not need to be clones of ourselves, just be willing to help lift us and expect the same.


In your finances, the Ten of Cups will give you money, eventually.  No matter what is happening in your life, you will see some improvement, but you will not be able to get rid of necessary things.  So don’t worry about things right now. When the money does come, use it wisely instead of going crazy.


In your health, the Ten of Cups is that you are going to basically stay the same.  So don’t push yourself too much but keep up with what you are doing right now, and you will be good. If there is a health issue, do what is necessary, but do not expect huge improvements right away.


The Ten of Cups in your spiritual life is the future that you want to have and already have in mind.  You will understand people and what to do to help spiritually.  Help other people in their life and help them meet their goals.


In reverse, the Ten of Cups is something you haven’t reached yet.  Something will stop you from having peace and loving where you are.  You will want to analyze who you are, and you can be happy with your life.  What is stopping you from reaching your goals, and what makes you feel negative?  If you find the right way in life, you will see others and want to help them.  With your mind, you need to get rid of your negative thoughts and will want to figure out your identity.


Ten is represented with this card, which means that you will be at a higher level.  You will reach goals and have a good effort in the hard things that you are doing.  You will be strong and have a new chapter in your life.  These can be some of the most meaningful times of your life.


  • True Love
  • Peacefulness
  • Families


The element of the Ten of Cups is water.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Make sure when doing or receiving a reading that you are focused and relaxed for the best results.