Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles
Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is the twelfth card in the suit of Pentacles.  This is a good card to draw, and you will see good things when it appears.  You will get good news about a younger man.  When you expect your life to be good, think about good qualities and aspire to be good then those good things will appear.

The Knight of Pentacles shows someone being patient and dependable in life. This is a positive card overall, but make sure to pay attention to which position it takes in a reading.


The past position of the Knight of Pentacles shows that a past event made you more loyal and dedicated than you were to that person, cause, or company.  It could have been a time in your life that was changed and if you are struggling now, think of a time where you felt motivated and then learn to motivate yourself.  You need to put things that are important first. Try not to be distracted by outside events that do not directly involve you.


The present position with the Knight of Pentacles shows that you will have someone come into your life that is younger than you, and they will make you less bored.  This could mean someone younger by age or someone new to what kind of activity you like to do.  So don’t be upset with them if they begin to do better than you. Enjoy the time spent with this younger person and allow them to ask questions as you gather a new view from their experiences.


The future position of the Knight of Pentacles shows that your future will be structured, and you will reach a goal that you have been aiming for in your life.  So, if someone asks you for help, even if it puts you out or distracts you, do it. You never know how this person may help you in the near future.


The work position with the Knight of Pentacles shows that you will have a new start.  You will get the job you wanted to get, and there is a chance you will reach a place where you want to be.  You will stand out in your job.  You need to take your ideas, use them, and take credit for things you have done at work.  Doing that will make you have a more efficient job and will make you like your work more. This requires courage, but know the reading is showing that you will find success if you keep at it.


The Knight of Pentacles in love will show you that you will find the partner that you are looking for in your life.  You will be more responsible and take the lead role in your relationship.  Be willing to make a serious commitment to another person when it comes up.  You may meet someone new, which will get you out of your comfort zone, but could bring new things into your life.


The Knight of Pentacles shows that you will have some gossip and other small problems with your friends.  These will be little things, but you need to address them now, especially if it is because of something you have done.  Be honest with your friends or the friendship will suffer. Now is not the time to lend your stuff to people because it may be destroyed or lost. If your friend has borrowed something valuable from you, don’t feel bad asking for it back, it’s yours. This will not damage a strong friendship, but sets necessary boundaries.


The finance position of the Knight of Pentacles are a good sign.  Your bank account will increase, and you will not have to worry about money.  You might feel tempted to spend extra money on something, but now is not a good time to do it.  Don’t take chances, or you might lose.  If you are waiting to hear good news about money, expect it to be good. Money may be coming, but manage it well instead of being frivolous.


The health position of the Knight of Pentacles shows that if you keep up with your routine, you will achieve anything you want.  Make small changes in your life, exercise, and eat healthy to improve overall health.  Don’t sit around and do nothing, instead treat your body well.  Let your body live to its full potential. A strong body will improve the mind and soul as well.


The spirit part of the Knight of Pentacles shows that you need to practice what you believe.  Do a small prayer when you get up and meditate throughout the day.  Keep your mental state strong and take things slow. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, stay strong and true to those beliefs when this card appears.


The Knight of Pentacles in reverse is negative.  It shows that you have no discipline and that you are doing things that you have to do and not things you want to do because you lack motivation.  You can dream, but you will not follow your dreams.  So many people feel comfortable when their needs are taken care of, but don’t be lazy and spend time working hard.  Reconnect with someone you love. Though this is a negative position, it can be turned around if you are willing to get moving.


  • Patient
  • Routine
  • Conserving


The element of the Knight of Pentacles is earth.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Focus on your question throughout a reading so the answers will be clear.