The Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

Five of Pentacles
Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles or the fifth card in the Suit of Pentacles shows a card that is not all good or all bad.  This card means you have to prepare yourself for things you haven’t hoped for.

The Five of Pentacles shows lacking and being poor.


The past of the Five of Pentacles shows that there was a time where you were poor, and you missed out on doing things you wanted to do.  If you stop yourself from doing things, you have to think about why you did this and why you have emotional barriers.  But, on the other hand, maybe growing up poor or lacking has made you more thankful and made you love others.


The present of the Five of Pentacles shows that even in tough times that you are improving.  You have made it through bad things, but it is still affecting you in your life.  If you are suffering, find people that can help you and reach out to them.  You might not think they can, but talking to them can help take off weight.  There will always be a help if we are not afraid of it.  Some people want to suffer alone, but that will make you hard, and you will eventually see that.


The future of the Five of Pentacles shows that you are in a struggle, but you will overcome this struggle.   You live in a hard time, but it will get harder as time goes by. Take advantage of people helping you because it will not be there forever.  Do not bring people down with destructive habits.


Your work with the Five of Pentacles shows that you are having trouble.  You are lacking in your work, and you do not have skills that are sustaining you.  You have considered being self-employed, and there are benefits to this.  If you need fast money but can’t find a job, aim lower.  It is hard to understand, but we have to have money to live and take any job that comes our way.  You can grow as a person in your job, so don’t let it control your whole life and leave you with no free time.


The love you have with the Five of Pentacles shows that you need to think about your relationship and make sure you are not draining others.  You may have a breakup, and remember you need to not blow this out of proportion if you do.  These are issues you can work through if you discuss them.


Your friendship in the Five of Pentacles shows that things are not going well.  Expect there to be gossip and arguing in the future.  This will not be a good time to have deep conversations with people you know; just keep things simple.  You might feel lonely for a while, but you need to ask yourself if those people really want you around or not.


Your finances with the Five of Pentacles show that you are about to face poverty.  If you feel stuck, you might have no way out.  For example, you might have a job that is not working out and too many expenses.  There is a way out, but you will have to give up something valuable.


Your health with the Five of Pentacles shows that you are not in a good period.  You stress too much, and you are not sure you are able to calm down.  Learn to take things easier and not overdo things in your life.


Your spiritual being with the Five of Pentacles shows that you are feeling lost.  You need to find out your direction and spend time thinking about this.  Don’t distract yourself from this but think it over.


The Five of Pentacles in reverse shows that you can see an end to your financial problems.  You have been coping with things, which have made you feel bad, but it is coming to an end.  You will feel like you are missing things in life, but you have to work towards a larger goal.  This will give you a purpose, and if you work hard enough, you will get it.  Most people do not know what they want to do right away, try new things, and say yes when people give you new ideas.


The number five shows change and unpredictable things.  This also is a number of the occult tradition.  This represents wealth and materialism.  Expect your material things to change soon.  This might sound negative if you are facing struggles, but the change will be better for you.  Be focused on your finances, and if you have a lot of fives in your reading, it can mean you will have change soon.


  • Aware
  • Poor
  • Insecure


The element of the Five of Pentacles is water.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is no.


  1. The Five of Pentacles seems to convey a potent message about enduring and overcoming difficulties. The focus on change, especially through the lens of numerology, adds an intriguing layer to its interpretation.

  2. The Five of Pentacles appears to highlight the importance of resilience during challenging life phases. It’s noteworthy how it suggests leveraging community support and personal reflection to navigate hardships.

  3. I find the discussion on the various aspects of life—work, love, friendship, and health—quite comprehensive. The card’s guidance on navigating financial and emotional insecurities stands out as particularly practical.

  4. The article offers a nuanced perspective on the Five of Pentacles, especially regarding emotional and material challenges. The advice to seek support is quite prudent, reminding us of the value of interpersonal relationships during tough times.

  5. This interpretation of the Five of Pentacles provides a balanced outlook on life’s adversities. It emphasizes the inevitability of struggles and the significance of perseverance and adaptability.


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