Using Tarot to Look Deep Inside


Getting or doing your own tarot reading can help you to understand what is going on deep inside of your heart and in your life. This is a method that you can use as a ritual in order to see where you’ve been and where you want to go. You can use tarot to look at your past, present and future.

You might want to ask your spiritual guides to come and help you and you should ask them to show you things in the cards. Use the tarot card reading and journal your outcome. Keep the journal over your lifetime so that you can read it and process it over time.

There are tarot card spreads that are great if you want to do some kind of self-reflection. You can do a reading where you pull one card each day or you can do different spreads.

Three Card Tarot Spread

Start by shuffling the cards and then focus on what you want to reflect on inside of yourself. Look at your motivations and put the cards face down. Draw three cards just as a random draw and then let the cards tell you what they want you to know.

Where Have You Been? (Past)

The first card is where have you been:

  • Five of Cups Card

If you had recently broken up with someone, you might have seen that there was losses in the relationship, and it could leave you being confused and depressed. This card in this drawing shows you that there are still good things in your life.

Where Are You Now? (Present)

  • The World Card

This can show that you have adventure coming in your life. You might see that there are short things that you need to do but that you have many options. This card shows that you are going to do great in the situation.

Card Reading Example

If you are someone that doesn’t want there to be any big changes in your life such as where you live and where you work, you will see that you need to get more in touch with who you are spiritually. You will want to make your life better and deal with things in a good way.

As you use the cards to read and meditate to focus on yourself, you can bring good memories to your life that showed that you faced challenges, and you had good times as well. This can put you in touch with who you are. You will see that you have people in your life that are funny and that are peaceful for you. You will see that you can enjoy them and love them.

Where Have You Been (Past)

If you picked the Ten of Wands card, you would see that you are working too hard and putting your effort into things that aren’t good for you. This can cause you to get burnt out and not to enjoy life as much.

Where You Are Going (Future)

This can tell you where the future can take you.

  • Three of Cups

If this is the card that you picked then it can mean that you are going to be traveling through life and celebrating, finding a deep meaning in who you are. The new things can take you to places you always wanted to be.

Tarot Cards and Reflecting

Try to use tarot cards to help you self-reflect and look deeply at who you are and where you want to go. If you feel that tarot isn’t helping you, explore what you need and what you want and keep pushing until you get the best life.