The Four of Wands Tarot Card

Four of Wands
Four of Wands

The Four of Wands is the fourth card in the Suit of Wands and is a very positive card.  This card can help you expect good things to happen to you, especially in your career.  If you are working on a project, be prepared to celebrate your achievements.

The Four of Wands represents completing something and being happy. This is a card everyone in the midst of a big project, starting a new career, or working their hardest would desire, so if it is drawn, positives are coming your way.


The past position of the Four of Wands shows that you are in a place where you have put in the effort, and it is time for it to pay off.  Keep going.  You will learn to be the best in your line of work, and you will complete something big that has been ongoing.  You will just have finished something big in your life.


Your present in the Four of Wands represents that you need to spend time to get to know more about what you want in life.  If you are working for something, some type of goal, ask someone in the same field for their advice.  People that have no idea about the subject may also give you suggestions that are possible and something you might not have thought of before.


The future position of the Four of Wands shows that you will have things that come up that will be a part of you.  You will want to follow all the rules and not worry about things.  You will have work that you need to get done, which will be something to celebrate. This does not mean you will be overwhelmed, but that there are good things coming your way, even if they require work.


The work position with the Four of Wands shows that you are appreciated in your job, and you will get a raise.  If you are going for a raise or even promotion, keep working, and you will be a great example to other people.  Take time off to focus on the right things and relax so you are able to produce your best work.  You need to maintain consistency in both your mood and work ethic.  This can also show that you are completing things in your work and achieving a hard task in your life.  Everything will be easier from here on out.


The love position of the Four of Wands shows that things are going to be more serious with you.  You will meet your friends and family, and you will be sensible with the time.  If you want to meet someone, just keep doing what you are doing now, and when the time is right, it will come.  If you are doing nothing, keep doing nothing.  There will be an anniversary of something coming up soon, and if there is, celebrate it by going extra big..  The other person that is involved will appreciate your effort. It can be tough to continue doing nothing when it comes to love, but this card means you need to keep going and love will find you.


Your friendship when it comes to the Four of Wands shows that you will have problems, but you need to figure out why they are happening.  You might not be suited with this person.  Find out if you have things in common with them and then find a new hobby.  Do something together like have a party or go out.  Make it memorable. If you are truly not suited to one another, stay acquaintances, but do not push the friendship. It may not be the right time.


The finances in the Four of Wands show that you have been working hard and you are about to see the reward from this.  So don’t worry about lacking in material things; if that happens, just keep working hard and take it as a lesson in life.  Dedicate your time to reach your goal. Financial gains mean different things to different people, but take even the small victories as a win.


The health of the Four of Wands shows that you will have put in good work to keep your health up. You have been eating right and working out, and your body knows it. If you don’t put in the effort to keep this up though, you will lose any positive gains. Stop worrying so much and let your life move forward.  Stop feeling guilty for the good things that happen to you and be happy for what you have done in life.


Your spirituality in the Four of Wands shows that you will have to figure out things independently, and you need to go in your own direction. You are not happy with organized religion, and you are thinking about things you care about and finding others with the same values.  Focus on your home and make a room for yourself that allows you to think and relax while focusing on your chosen form of spirituality.


In the reverse, the Four of Wands means that you have something you have to finish.  You might feel lonely, but you need to allow this so you can reach your goals. When you think the worst is over, you are likely wrong. Be ready to face difficult things in your life and to be tested.


The number four is related to the Four of Wands. This can mean that you are grounded in your reality and that you are almost finished with something you have been working on. You will reach a big milestone in your life. If you have a lot of fours in your reading, it can mean that you are getting rewarded soon.


  • Celebrating
  • Successfulness
  • Relaxing


The element of the Four of Wands is fire.

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Make sure you are focused on a single question when receiving your reading. A reading can be meaningful whether this card is present or not. Allow yourself to be open to receive whatever the cards may show.