The seventeenth card in the Major Arcana is the Star card.  This is a good card, and it will allow you to be inspired and be happy and confident in your life.  The stars are part of the constellation and can be a large part of the Universe.

The Star card is to bring hope and peace to you when it appears.


In the past, the Star card could mean that you were recovering from something bad that happened to you.  However, this doesn’t mean just physical it can also mean something stressful that threw you off your game. Remember that recovery is needed after mental, physical, and spiritual events so the card could represent any of those areas.


With the Star card, the present can be a time that you enjoy and a peaceful time.  This can be when you take time for yourself, and you know who you are in life.  If you have accomplished something big, you will now need to take time to rest. Self-care is extremely important, so make sure you are indulging.


The future of the Star card is that you will struggle, but you will soon overcome it, so do not worry.  Unfortunately, this can mean asking someone to help you that you normally don’t talk to in your life. Asking for help when it is needed is nothing to be ashamed of because we need one another. Endure the task and seek help when necessary.


The Star card will help you work well and give you extra points.  It will keep you on the path, and you will have new opportunities come for you.  So pay attention to the world and know if you need help to get it. This time of recognition can be in any form of work. Be gracious in accepting praise and keep up all the effort to maintain standards.


In love, you will find that the Star card will mean that you and your partner will become interesting to each other.  You will experiment with them and have a stronger relationship.  Do not worry about them rejecting you or others; you have a purpose, and the good news is that you will meet someone new.  So don’t give up and get out there and focus on finding new love.


With your friends, you will find friends different and see them as new and exciting. They will bond with you, and you will want to hang out and have new friends that like what you like. This is a time to go for it if you are growing your friend group because these people could be in your life long term. Friends are a great assets so go with those you feel truly connected to in life.


The Star in finances means that things are good and that you will spend your money wisely.  So ensure that you know there is nothing to lose and give to good things. This does not mean you should go overboard with spending, but it may be a good time to invest if you have a little extra set aside.


The Star sign is a sign that means that you will be in good condition and you will recover if you are sick. If you are experiencing a health scare, it will turn out okay in the end, just take care of yourself overall. If you are healthy, keep up the good work and maintain or raise your level of health.


Your spirituality will be a time to share what you have learned, and you will reach a plateau of knowing new things.  So take time and get all the knowledge that you can. Spirituality can mean different things to different people, but this is a time to gain knowledge in the area of your choosing.


The Star in reverse means that you will see your life-changing and start getting the rewards you deserve.  You will have peace and see you have skills you didn’t know you had.  You will find yourself and learn to relax and have fun in life. The reverse is often negative, but the Star card remains positive.


  • Spiritual
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Hopefulness
  • Helpfulness


The element of the Star is the air.


The sign of the Star is Aquarius.

Yes or No Question?

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