Tarot Cards with Yes or No Questions

Tarot Cards with Yes or No

Tarot card readings can give a lot of answers. You might have started being interested in tarot cards from a young age and some people have even used tarot cards to get quick yes and no answers before even knowing the power of the cards.

Sometimes readers will tell people that they cannot ask yes and no questions when it comes to tarot card readings, but the truth is that the cards are there to give you an answer to the questions that you ask.

If you have grown up and became your own tarot card reading, you can see that you can program a pendulum to give yes and no answers and you can use the cards to do the same. There are some readers that will do a yes or no tarot spread for you regardless of what some people think.

Asking the Questions

You might think that you ask just a yes or no question, but you really need to know just what you are asking before you ask for the cards. The cards aren’t going to give you answers to someone else’s thoughts if you are going to try and take away their free will. Instead of saying, “Will Jon ask me to go to the dance with him?” You should ask, “Should I say yes to Jon if he asks me to go to the dance with him?”

Tarot cards don’t give you the exact events of your life or your future and if you have free will, which you do, then the future isn’t something that is fixed anyways. Here are some of the questions that you can ask that are yes and no questions:

  • Should I go on vacation?
  • Should I take the new job I was offered?
  • Should I call that person?
  • Should I take that new educational class?

The questions that you ask should be about your own life and you should not ask about the life of someone else. You need to also make sure that you are clear about what you’re asking. Instead of saying, “Are there any women out there in the universe?” you should say what you are really wanting to know such as, “Are there any women in the universe that are interested in being in a relationship with me right now?”

The questions should be about your life and there should be simple questions that you ask that are appropriate, but you also need to make sure that you are being clear. Always keep this in mind if you have to say it over and over again before asking your questions.

How to Ask Questions

Since you are programming the cards to do a yes and no reading for you, here are some ways that you should ask your questions:

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you are shuffling the cards and that there will be an equal number of right side up and an equal number of reversed cards in the deck. Some will draw one, but most people like to draw there or more. When you want to ask a quick yes or no question, just draw one card. If the card comes up reversed, the answer is going to be no and if it is right-side up, the answer is going to be yes. If you are choosing between two options, choose one card for each and see which is a yes and which is a no.

When you want to know more about something you are going through and you want to go deeper than yes or no, you need to make sure that you have your energy right and that you are connected to your mind, body, and soul. This can mean that you need to take a few minutes to really set your intentions.

Doing a three-card spread can help you when you want to know things about your mind, emotions, and your spirit. For example, pulling the Hermit card in reversed and the Four of Cups in an upright position and the Four of Swords in reversed can mean that you got a no for the Hermit and a no for the Four of Swords. The Hermit showed that you would leave the path that you are on, and you might not be mentally prepared for that.

Also, you might find that the Four of Cups that was upright would be a neutral card where it can mean you are in a good or stable place but that you might be bored and so the answer might mean that what you choose is do-able but might not be very fun for you. Then the Four of Swords in reversed can mean that if you choose to go down that path then you will be in a place that is more spiritual when you really wanted a break from that situation in the first place.

You can also program your cards to determine a yes for the Major Arcana and a no for the Minor Arcana. The thing is though that there are more Minor Arcana cards than the Major ones. You can also choose a specific card such as the Cups being a no and the Swords being a yes. That is totally up to you how you program the cards.

Make sure that if you’re going to do the reading for other people that you stick with the one that you like best. It can be tempting to pull a bunch of cards for an action of someone else but remember you cannot choose someone’s freewill or know their future and so this reading might not be a fair choice, especially for someone else.