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Past Life Tarot Spread to Help your Life

Tarot Spread

Knowing and understanding the past life is exciting for many people. Some might want to have guidance because of their past life or others might just want to know what they had been. Some will use the tarot spread to find out about their past life. Tarot Spread of the …

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Myths about Tarot Debunked


There are many myths surrounding tarot. Many people were raised to believe that tarot cards are scary, evil, or related to things of the devil. This type of misinformation is widespread, but the truth is tarot can serve as a powerful tool that helps you hone intuition, deepen your relationship …

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Using Tarot and Angel Cards for Beginners

Angel Cards

Are you someone that is curious about Tarot cards and readings? Maybe you have tried this for yourself, but you don’t know what the difference is between the spreads. Here is an understanding of the different spreads: One Card Pull A one card reading can answer questions that you have …

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Understanding the Meaning of Five in Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

All numbers expanding out from “one” contains the power of all its predecessors within its vibration.  Therefore, “five” possess the combined energy of “one” through “four.”  The meaning of “five” reflects the expansiveness and ability to express the interactions of its core parts.  It is the first digit that embodies …

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Learning How to Read Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards

Many people know about a tarot deck but fewer people know about an oracle deck. Yet, many professional mediums like using an oracle deck to do intuitive readings. There are some distinct differences between the two and learning the distinctions will help you in reading an oracle deck. Differences Between …

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How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide Using Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Everyone is spiritual and everything evolves around the spirituality of people. People are linked and some people live hundreds and thousands of years. We see things differently and we express ourselves through how we change and through how our minds work. Nothing limits us as to who we are except …

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Using Tarot and Angel Cards

Using Tarot and Angel Cards

Do you wonder if love is in your future? If you have ever asked that, you are not alone. People are always looking to find true love and they want to know if finding love is something out of their reach or if they can connect with their soulmate. Many …

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