Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups
Seven of Cups

The seventh card in the Suit of Cards is the Seven of Cups. The seven of cups are about visions and offerings and having a problem deciding things.  Things will be clouded, and choices will be made on assumptions instead of being made on facts.

The Seven of Cups is a time of choosing and decision-making. This can be a time of being overwhelmed for many people.


With the Seven of Cups, the past will mean that you wasted time and that you are being indecisive about things.  There will be overwhelming choices, but you will use your past lessons to help you make better choices.  You can’t change the past, but you can try to change the future.


The present with the Seven of Cups can be overwhelming with choices.  There are no bad choices, but you have to make a decision and live a life to choose things.  You need to make sure that you don’t try to change a bad decision but know that decisions are sometimes made for you.


The Seven of Cups is a time when you will have hard choices.  You will have a hard time deciding on things, and you need to rule out things you don’t want in your life.  Think about events that are coming up and decide which path is best for you. It is best to be decisive even when it is tough.


In your job, you will want to spend time dedicated to something so that it can benefit you.  Make decisions and help those that are hurting.  Try to help everyone make good decisions.  If someone makes a bad decision, you won’t be able to save them.  Don’t fall for things that seem too good to be true because they are just that.


With your love in the Seven of Cups, you might face more romantic choices.  First, you have to decide which one you want to go with and decide which choice will be best for your relationship.  Then, find new experiences in your relationship and make sure you keep the details straight.


The Seven of Cups means that you will meet people that take advantage of you, and you need to make your friends show you that they are really truthful and really your friend.  Practice being a good friend as well.


The finances with the Seven of Cups are where you need to make sure you save and are smart with your money for now.  Then, you can make deals later.  Get the best offers and shop around if you are used to shopping on one spot; find out if it’s the best.  Finally, keep things tidy and clean.


Your health with the Seven of Cups will show you not to ignore what your body is saying to you.  Do not do fad diets and keep healthy.  Instead, exercise and do things that benefit your body.  With your mind, you should be fine even though you might forget about things.  Take things slowly.


With the Seven of Cups, you will know that you have false promises and that you need to see things from firsthand experiences.  Don’t rely on others to tell you what things are about, and be stress-free in your life.


The Seven of Cups in reverse means that you will have to ignore your desires and work towards a real reality.  Do what is best for you and other people in your life.  If you see deceptive things, do not take them and check everything you do to see if they are right and true.


The Seven of Cups represents the number seven.  This means that you will take time to be serious with your choices.  You need to make good decisions that help you and calm down and think through each situation in your life.


  • Confusing
  • Choices
  • Escaping
  • Options in Life


The element of the Seven of Cups is the water element.

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