The Hermit Tarot Card


The ninth card in the Major Arcana is the Hermit card.  This is a card that is used often in this culture.  The Hermit has a meaning of being lonely or looking inside of yourself. This introspection can be highly revealing, unsettling at times, but will be well worth it in the long run.

The Hermit shows looking inside, being alone, and retreating.


In the past position, the Hermit shows that you have to rest after being on a long journey.  You have learned a life lesson, and now you have to learn to think about it and spend time with yourself.  You will see that you desire things such as relationships and friends, even if they have not been a priority in the past. You will have lonely times, but these will make you strong.


The Hermit card in the present position shows that you need answers.  You will know what you need if you take the time to think about it with focus. You will have the tools that you need to make changes, and you can use your mind and perception to learn many things.  Do not get distracted. Stay focused on finding the answers you seek.


The future of the Hermit card has a dual meaning.  First, it can mean that you are troubled about something. Since the Hermit also represents finding answers within yourself, the answers can be uncovered with your focus.  Second, it can also mean that you want to go on in life and move forward in a direction of your choosing.


In work, you will want to learn more and work harder.  Therefore, you will practice your work and work towards the future. This is almost always a positive because hard work and a focus on work can bring about good things in life.


Love is not a good thing if you draw the Hermit card. If you are in a romantic relationship, you need to spend some time apart and reflect on the reality of the relationship. This is a sign that you should not go after love right now and wait until the future if you are not currently involved. The Hermit card means you need to be self-focused at the moment, not wrapped up in a relationship.


The friends in your life might be like your love; you might need to be alone for a while, according to the Hermit card. Friends will be friends even when apart and those true to you will understand the need for some down time spent alone. Take time to assess all friendships and later on strengthen those that deserve your time.


The Hermit card means that you will have things the same in the future that they are now.  You will not have to worry about finances but other issues may arise. If issues do arise, work through them with focus, but not a concern for money.


The Hermit card means that you will have things to worry about, and when you do, you have to make sure that you do not become a loner. This can lead to having a mental problem. Get opinions from those who can help if a problem arises. Issues are not a reason to retreat into yourself fully, but a chance to reach out for help from those you trust the most.


The Hermit will show you that you need to look in your soul and see what you are missing in life. Take some time alone and reflect. This is not about cutting people out completely, but taking time to really take a deep, insightful look at yourself.


The Hermit in reverse means that you have to think about your actions.  You might want to be alone, but this can cause others in your life to be hurt.  Still, take some time for yourself to deal with problems and let others know why this down time is necessary. However, being alone too much can cause you to have further problems, especially if you are naturally social. Find the balance that gives you both down time and time to enjoy being around others.


  • Thinking
  • Introspection
  • Self
  • Aloneness


The element of the Hermit is earth.


The Hermit is Virgo

Yes or No Answer?

The answer is yes.