The Eight of Wands Card

Eight of Wands
Eight of Wands

The eighth card in the Suit of Wands is the Eight of Wands.  This card shows that you have little help and even when things are sensible you have a hard time of getting a meaning out of it.

The Eight of Wands shows acting without thinking and moving on in life.


The past of the Eight of Wands says that your past can be a time when you were acting rash and it may not have worked out good for you.  If you are impatient, it is something that everyone handles differently and even when you do nothing and that is the bests thing to do, it can sometimes lead to being impatient.  You have to learn to be positive and the be thankful for each experience you have faced rather it was a positive experience or a negative experience.


The present with the Eight of Wands can make you feel that you are at a tipping point in your life.  Not much will be going on and you want to do something to make your life better.  Do not rush into things especially if this thing will take up too much of your time.  Always think about your schedule and find a hobby or a class that is something you like.  No matter what advice you get, jumping into something that you are not prepared for can help you to grow and learn.  Just be sure to do your best.


The Eight of Wands talks about how the future can put you in a position of success.  It can be positive and allow you to make choices that you didn’t expect to take.  It is best not to rush in your decisions but also don’t take too long to make a decision.  If you act fast and act on impulse, that is two different situations.  One you spend a short time thinking and the other one you don’t.  Even though you shouldn’t act too fast, don’t overthink things either.


The work with the Eight of Wands shows that you need to educate yourself in order to keep growing.  Don’t expect there to be new things that come to you unless you try harder in life.  Keep working and you will achieve things.  You will have to make a decision, a big decision, very soon but you have not realized the potential that you have.  Things seem to come easy for you so learn to push yourself past your limits in life.


Your love with the Eight of Wands shows that you are in a relationship that is boring and steady.  You need to go out of your way to spice things up.  Make things exciting.  If you are single and looking, you will have to work hard to know why you are single.  Find out what you really want.  Don’t make decisions fast or it can harm you.  You want to find the right person and not settle for the first person that you meet.


The friendship of the Eight of Wands shows that you will that things are going well, and you don’t expect any arguments in the future.  Have good conversation with your friends and be happy with them and let them know it.  Go the extra time for them and help them if they need you.


The finances of the Eight of Wands show that this is not a negative or positive thing.  You will have money but no real gains or losses.  Be patient and live how you have lived and don’t spend money without thinking it over.  Don’t gamble on things to work things out for the best and learn to value experiences over money.


The health of the Eight of Wands shows that you are in a good place if you have been sick.  This means you will recover.  But if you have not changed your lifestyle for the better, you need to do that.  Stop giving yourself the option to eat bad and to not work out.  There are only excuses, and this is just being lazy.


With the Eight of Wands, your spiritual being is to be patient and to learn about all things in your life.  You should realize that the world does not work around you and when you are impatient, it can cause things to be hard to understand or to prepare for.  Always learn to adapt even when things move fast.


In reverse, the Eight of Wands is something that you do not feel that you can do for your life.  You will feel that you are not reaching your potential but at this time is when you need a break.  Learn to take time to think about things but don’t worry about them.  You may leave a job that you thought you would stay at for a long time or you might end a relationship.  You will have a period of shock when there are big changes that happen to you fast.


The number eight represents a number that will bring you success in your life.  This sign will show that you are going to move forward in life.  This move can mean a physical move to another house or another country or it can mean that something will happen to you without a warning.

This thing that happens will be positive and if you are given a choice, you need to say yes to it.  If you have a lot of eights in your reading, it can mean that you will have a positive change in your life shortly.


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The element of the Eight of Wands is the element fire.

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