Mind, Body and Soul Spread

Mind, Body and Soul Spread
Mind, Body and Soul Spread

The mind, body, and soul spread is a simple three card tarot reading used to bring insight and focus while clarifying actions and emotions through greater enlightenment. This is the perfect choice when doing daily readings for yourself or those closest to you. Make sure you begin with a clear, focused mind before choosing three cards which represent the mind, body, and spirit respectively.

This spread is a trinity spread because it makes up all of the parts of your being.  For example, the mind is a representation of how you look at the world.

The body is a representation of how the world around you affect you.

The soul is a representation of what you desire in life.  Some of these things are hidden, while some of them are not hidden.

When you feel like you are stuck in life, the Mind, Body and Soul spread can be very helpful.  This can give you an idea of what is affecting how you are living your life and help you figure out what you are really desiring. The spread uses a holistic approach to tarot in which the three cards equal up to a full representation of the entirety of a human. The best part is this reading does not require a specific question like many other readings. It is best for self-discovery and general insight. However, if you do ask a specific question, especially about those related to emotional outlooks and physical health, it can also be highly accurate.

Laying Out the Cards

When you get the deck of cards, have an open mind and shuffle the deck.  Take three cards and put them in front of you, face down and in a line.  Turn over the card to the left.  The left card represents the mind.  Then, turn over the middle card.  This card represents the body.  The card on the right represents the soul.  Turn this card over last.

To specify a bit more, the first card, representative of the mind, is about logic, your rational side, and reasoning. It demonstrates what you are thinking or what area of reasoning should be your current focus. The second, or center card represents the body in relation to fitness, health, activity, and sexuality. This card demonstrates what you are doing in this area and what you should be thinking about. The third card, the soul or spirit, represents creativity, emotion, love, and spirituality. The card demonstrates what you are feeling and what area of spiritual growth should be your focus.

This small spread allows for extreme flexibility which makes daily use a breeze. This can be done with any Tarot deck or even online if you so choose. If you are interested in learning Tarot this is a wonderful way to get started and practice daily. If you are simply interested in a reading, this is an easy one to find online or receive daily from your Tarot reader. The key is to be open to receiving to what the cards show.