The last numbered card of the Major Arcana or the twenty-first card is the World card.  This card will help you to find a new journey with a new cycle in life.

The World card represents there being success and being fulfilled in life.


The past of the World card is that things will come back to where they started.  You might have thing go by for months and then they start again.  This can be a rotation and you will understand the things that you have done wrong at this time when you get back to where it all started.


The present with the World card means that you are in a position where you are not able to conquer things you want to do.  You will see that others have goals and you want to help them get there.  You will see different points of view in your life and you will always help others.


The future of the World card will show you that you will find your destiny.  Even if you don’t think you have a purpose, you do, and you will find it.  You can make changes even if you are one person.  What do you want in your life?


The World will show you that you are done with the job you are doing.  You will feel like this in many things in your life and you will feel like you need to make changes.  You will feel that you have become like a machine and will want to find a new job even if you are satisfied with it.


Having the World card if you want love is a good thing.  This card can help you to understand who your partner is and bring your relationship to new enjoyment.  You will find someone if you are single but if you don’t, you will be fine with being single.


Your friends, with the World card will be active and will do things with you that you enjoy.  If you have outgrown someone, that is not true, keep them with you so they can motivate you.


The World card is a good card for finances and it will show you that you can spend but not go crazy.  You might have a lot of money that will help you do a project that you have been wanting to do for a while.


Your health ideas will change, and you will try new things like being a vegetarian.  You will put things in your body that are good for you and you will diet and do better in your life.  You will feel different.


In your spiritual life, you will find that you have learned a lot and you will not throw it away based on certain beliefs.  You will know what is right and wrong in your life.


In your life, you will complete a cycle, according to the World card.  This means that you will take further steps and push away your fear and worry.  You will grow and be ready to catch up to others.


  • Cycle
  • Fulfilling
  • Goals
  • Completing Things


The World card is associated with the Earth element.


The sign is Saturn

Yes or No Question?

The answer is yes. Keep in mind that Tarot readings are meant as guidance and an understanding of your present path. If something is not pleasing, then change your course and try a new reading.