Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles
Six of Pentacles

The Six Pentacles or the sixth card in the suit of Pentacles shows a card that is not all good, and the card is not all bad. So this card means you have to prepare yourself for things you haven’t hoped to happen, and these things can be either good or bad.

The Six of Pentacles card shows that things can bring on a future of not having what you need or lacking or being poor.


The past of the Six of Pentacles shows that you were very generous and giving.  Someone has given you an opportunity even though you were going out of your way to get it.  You followed a path and reached a goal that you wanted, and that is where you are now.  You might have gone through a time of education and ended up where you hoped to be from the beginning, but now you don’t know if it was the right choice.


The present of the Six of Pentacles shows that you are not sure of what you are facing.  You are blessed with something, but you don’t know what to do with it.  You have techniques that come to your mind, but you have to start using a new approach.  You will be engaged with others and have a different view than they do.  It is time to mix your views with that of others and learn to adapt to their lifestyle; don’t make them adapt to you.


The future of the Six of Pentacles shows that you are in a place where you will reach the path you are on.  Of course, you will not be focusing on this goal, but you will want to take a step back and see what you really want.  If you want a future where you reach your own goals, go to others, and get help. If you are a teacher, researcher, scientist, lecturer, or more, this is a good card.


The work position with the Six of Pentacles shows that you are getting ready to be better.  You will have a boss that wants to know you and will do good things for you.  This is a generous card that allows you to have abundance.  If you want to improve yourself, do it.  Just because one thing is good does not mean you are where you want to be. Take a class, improve your skills, and see where it takes you.


The love of the Six of Pentacles shows that you are on the outside and doing good, so it seems.  There are layers of hidden things, and only you are aware of them.  Take care of them, talk to them, and bring them up with your partner.  They won’t be your partner if you can’t discuss private things with them.  The relationship should not be one-sided on emotions or maturity. If things are not working out, it is time to find solutions or let go of things peacefully.


Your friends position with the Six of Pentacles are mixed.  You have a good friend that is more like a mentor to you.  But, on the other hand, someone is also hanging on to you that needs your advice.  Friends should be people that like to spend time together and learn together.  Don’t be friends with people who are not good for you or people who don’t want to help you better yourself.


The Six of Pentacles in finances shows that you are at a good place.  You will come into more money than you know what to do with, and you will give to some to those that need it.  You will take care of the less fortunate and will show kindness to others.  This is something that will be simple for you.


Your health with the Six of Pentacles shows that you will be able to help someone that is dealing with the same situation as you.  Of course, you can interpret this in your own way, but you will have a chance to mentor someone, and by helping others, you will understand your life more.  This will help you to grow as a person. This will likely be in the area of better health, but you may not realize this at first as there are all different forms of health.


The spiritual being with the Six of Pentacles shows that you are able to help someone who is on the same path as you.  So help them and learn from them.  This will help you understand their pain and help you grow in your spiritual life. The spiritual life is important to overall well being, so take time to truly understand and help as it will benefit you as well.


The Six of Pentacles in reverse shows that you have an abundant life.  You are mindful of others but make sure you know how much you are giving and helping people, and don’t let them take advantage of you.  Sometimes the ones that we help will hurt us the most.  This pain is hard and will not be forgotten.  So if you want to help someone, make sure it is for the right reasons.


The numerology of the Six of Pentacles shows that you are sympathetic and you are trusting.  The number six is part of the occult and represents how you help others over yourself.  When someone needs your help but doesn’t ask for it, think about where your life is heading and where and who helped you get there.  If you have a lot of sixes in your reading, it can mean that you have gotten over a major event in your life, and you are about to recover.


  • Kind
  • Giving
  • Pity


The element of the Six of Pentacles is water.

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