Shuffling Your Tarot Card Deck

Shuffling Your Tarot Card Deck

Shuffling your tarot deck might be something that you have never even really thought of. Tarot cards are just like regular decks of cards, right?

Even though some of the cards are similar, tarot cards have pictures, and they are very different than the cards in a regular deck. When you’re using tarot cards, you need to make sure your energy gets into the cards. That is why you should shuffle the cards to reset the energy and to clear any negative energies that might have been stuck from the past reading.

How to Know When to Stop

Shuffling cards is easy, but it is something that is important when doing a tarot reading because as you transfer the energy into the cards, it can help you to relax and to focus on what your intentions are. This allows you to pick the best cards for the reading.

As you are shuffling, you need to close your eyes. If a card flies out of the deck, stop shuffling. You can learn to listen for the cards that you should pull and notice what feelings you have in your gut. If you have the cards in front of you, move your hands around them until you feel the energy by feeling warmth coming from the cards.

If you want to get help with this, you can ask a psychic to guide you.

Preparing the Cards

Preparing for your reading can be different depending on what you are used to. There are different ways that you can prepare such as meditating, finding a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed and then concentrating on the cards. Make sure that you are comfortable and grounded before you start. Hold the tarot cards in your hands and let the energy transfer and start your shuffling.


There is no right or wrong way to shuffle the cards. You need to do what feels the best for you. Make sure that you hold on to the cards and that you are mixing them good. Here are some different techniques that people use when shuffling:

  • Faro Shuffle

This is a shuffling that is normal and one that many people know. You hold half of the deck in each hands and have the front of the cards facing each other. Hold the cards with your thumb along the edge of the cards on top and your first fingers along the bottom edge of the cards.

Bend the cards and then let them fan together as they mix. If you have bigger hands, then this is a great way to shuffle and is fast.

  • Cutting the Deck Shuffle

You can do the shuffle that is easy by cutting the deck. This is a way to shuffle if your cards are larger. Just repeatedly insert the different stacks of cards into the deck just like you would cut before a card game. Do this over and over with different piles and then restack them into one pile. You need to do this many times so that it can be mixed well.

  • Messy Pile Shuffle

This is one that isn’t fun to look at maybe, but it works. You can put the cards out and then mix them up on the table before picking them up. This is easy and is similar to the game of “52 Card Pickup.” Mix the cards around until you feel that they are ready and then cut the deck.

  • Running Shuffle

This running shuffle is one that is often used in casinos. It is when you put the cards together in a horizontal fashion and then take the smaller sections of the card and pull them out and put them on the top. Do this about 4 times until the cards are all mixed.

  • One at a Time Shuffle

You can shuffle the cards by putting them right side up, face side down and then picking them up one at a time. This can be done while you meditate and ground yourself. You might do this when you need to make sure your own energy is at peace. Breathe in and out and focus on your intentions and your feelings as you do this.

You can shuffle the cards any way that you want, and each way has a unique meaning for your life. Focus on your question and get the answers that you need. The history of the tarot is important when you are using the cards. You can pay attention to this as you shuffle and try to see what the images on the cards tell you.

Cleansing Your Cards

Anytime you are going to do a reading and then when you finish your reading, you should cleanse your cards. This allows the energy of the cards to remain strong and to get rid of any negativity attached to them. You can also cleanse yourself and your area by smudging, taking a salt bath or putting crystals around your area and around your cards before you ever begin shuffling the deck.


  1. While the various shuffling techniques are well-explained, I would have appreciated a bit more detail on the historical context of these practices. Understanding their origins could add depth to the practice.

  2. The importance of transferring personal energy into tarot cards cannot be overstated. The article offers a variety of shuffling techniques to suit different preferences and needs, which is beneficial for both novice and experienced readers.

    • Indeed, understanding these techniques can significantly improve the reading experience. The mention of different shuffling methods caters to the practical needs of diverse individuals.

    • While the methods are comprehensive, I wonder if there are empirical studies that support the transfer of energy or if this is more about the reader’s mindset.

  3. As someone new to tarot, I find the breakdown of shuffling methods and the rationale behind them extremely helpful. The combination of practical advice and spiritual guidance makes this a comprehensive resource.

  4. The suggestion to cleanse the cards and oneself using methods like smudging or salt baths is quite practical. It’s vital to maintain the purity of the reading environment to mitigate any lingering negative energies.

  5. The article provides a thorough guide on shuffling techniques, which is often overlooked in other guides. The emphasis on feeling the energy from the cards is an interesting approach to ensuring a meaningful connection during the reading.


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