The Five of Swords Tarot Card

Five of Swords
Five of Swords

The fifth card in the suit of Swords is the Five of Swords. This card is one that you should prepare for if you draw.  This card can mean conflict and can take you into a time where hard things will happen.  This will not be something scary, but it will be hard.  So don’t worry about things.

The Five of Swords means loss and being in some type of conflict.


The past of the Five of Swords card shows that you are in a place where you had no solid foundation, and now you don’t have anywhere to fall on.  You see failure in your past, but you have to grow.  Good people aren’t just good; they have failed and picked up their lives.


The present with the Five of Swords shows that you are in a time that is hard right now.  You feel angry and upset, and you want to walk away from things that are not producing anything for you.  If you are being bullied, tell someone so it can be fixed.  Getting someone else involved will help you, don’t suffer alone.  Let people listen to what you are feeling.


The future of the Five of Swords shows that you are seeing the future like a bad thing, and you are having conflict.  You can prepare yourself though, in case they come.  First, think about things in advance and know what is happening so you can tell when things are going wrong.  Then, talk to someone but make sure it is the right time.


In your work with the Five of Swords, you will see that you are giving your time and working hard but is it what you want to do?  Do you work because you want to, and is the environment healthy for you?  Do you want to feel safe and get along with others?  Comfort doesn’t make us better, so think about what you want to do and what parts of your life you are unhappy with and change it.


In love, the Five of Swords card is not good to draw.  If you love your partner, you will need to brace yourself for a conflict, which can involve someone else.  You might have to spend time thinking about your relationship and its future.  This can be a good thing.  If you are single, this can mean you have inner conflict.  Don’t let this bother you if you want to be in a relationship.  Don’t believe things will be better if you are.


Your friends with the Five of Swords can mean things aren’t going well.  You will be arguing and have bad gossip about you in the future.  Don’t be on one person’s side but be a mediator.  Do not show favor to one over the other and if two of your friends are fighting, be friends with both of them.  Stay true and save yourself pain in the future.


Your finances in the future show bad things.  If things are not good right now, do not spend money on things you don’t need.  Your finances will take a downward spiral, and you will need to have savings for emergencies.  Put a few hundred back in the case.  Someone is after your money, and they might get more than you owe them.


Your health with the Five of Swords can mean that you are being bullied.  Avoid these people and get help with this.  Don’t avoid the issues, though and if you feel bad, get help.


The spiritual part of the Five of Swords shows that you are establishing your own way of thinking.  You have personalities that will overpower and convert you but don’t let them.  Don’t come down on others and don’t think of them wrong.  You will learn from your future.


The reverse of the Five of Swords shows that you are tired and have spent a period of time being burdened.  You are being bullied at work and have done what you can to stop the problems.  You want to run away, but you can’t because that will not solve anything.  So keep changing in your mind to face the problems.


The number five shows energy and things that are not predictable.  This is a number that shows fewer positive aspects, and so you can expect there to be conflict and pain.  This can bring change, though, so that is a good thing.  So if you get a lot of fives in the reading, you will see a change soon.


  • Building
  • Aggressiveness
  • Conflict
  • Battling


The element of the Five of Swords is air.

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