Tarot Card Reading for Inner Clarity

Tarot Card Reading for Inner Clarity

Do you need to know yourself more? Do you feel that you need some inner work? Do you have things that are happening in your life and are leaving you confused or not knowing what to do? You can do different kinds of tarot spreads to find out more things about your life. Find a spread that you want to do. If one doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Find the spread that will help you to understand your life more. Some spreads can help you to understand your inner being more and they can also help you to figure out your past, present and future.

Tarot Spreads

Leave the cards that you spread in the spread for as long as you can so that you can come back and look at the spread throughout the day. Take time to really understand what the spread is trying to tell you.

Prepare your cards just like you would a normal reading. You can even cleanse your area with smudging, use candles or incense. Find out things that you can use to help to open up your divination feelings. As you ask the questions, hold the deck of cards, and then lay them out.

  • Card 1: What your inner situation is and what motivates you.
  • Card 2: The outer situation and what the world sees.
  • Card 3: Challenges that you have.
  • Card 4: Things from your past life that are impacting your life.
  • Card 5: How is the past influencing you.
  • Card 6, 7 and 8: The work that you need to do so that you can learn your lesson.
  • Card 9: The result of working hard. What short term reactions you have.
  • Card 10: Long-term outcome of the cards.

Understanding the Cards

Now after you do the spread, you have to learn to understand the cards. You might have gone through something surprising or hard such as losing your job. Maybe you started your own business, and you aren’t sure what to do now.

After you get your emotions in control, find out what the cards mean and what the universe is telling you.

  • Cards 1-3

These are the cards that mean the present. You can turn over the first three cards and these are ones that can tell you about your inner self. This card can show you what strengths you have and the power that you have to start something new. Even if you aren’t sure exactly what to do, you can use this as a masculine strength to help you be in charge of what you want.

The card that is an outer card will be one that will help you to understand what you are thinking about. It will help you to see your challenges and what is hurting you. The cards that are a number 5 will be cards that are minor and that will change the way that you are thinking and get rid of distractions.

The biggest challenge in a reading like this can be if you don’t agree with the meaning of the cards. You might feel excited, and you might want to see what the future holds, but you can be distracted by your reading if you aren’t sure what you want and what vision that you have.

  • Cards 4-5

These cards show you about your past life. The cards can help you to understand if you have unforgiveness or if there is betrayal in your life. You might see that things in your past have not gone well and that there has to be changes. This can cause you to feel defensive and once you forgive, you can move on.

Card 5 is one that will tell you the results of what happened in your past. This is a card that is emotional and that is more mature. This card is one that makes you use your intuition so that you can be creative to get what you want.

  • Cards 6-8

These cards show the inner work that you need to get done. Card six is one that suggest the emotional and creative things that you have done well in your life. The universe will show you what spiritual power you have. You have to take action and have confidence in order to deal with your struggles. It is important to be confident.

You have to have your own power and you have to know that the cards can tell you that you need to be more confident in your actions.

The seventh card is one that will show you that you need to have a vision of what you want. As you think through things you need, you need to not be rebellious. You need to work through your tasks and get rid of any hatred. Don’t rebel and don’t hate.

The eight card was one that is about energy and visualizing. This is a card that gives you strength and empowerment. It is one that shows what challenges and chaos that you can face.

  • Cards 9-10

These cards are the outcome cards. They tell you what the outcome of your life will be. They will show you the outcome even if it means disappointment. The guidance that you get form these cards can help you to reach your goals.

You need to have more self-confidence and to open up your vision. Like all cards, there can be some disappointment when it comes to a reading. Pay attention to the outcome of the cards and see if you can use them to help you to reach your goals. Use your energy to devote to what you want no matter how long it takes. Make sure that you are secure and that you are full of integrity.

Empowering the Reading

After you get your reading, you can feel motivated and empowered. You will see that you can use this to reach your higher self. This can help you to come into life and to start something new.

The reading will help to validate you and will build your self confidence and help to get rid of issues that you face. This can help you to stay centered and to be connected to the cards.

Understanding the Reading in Time

You can look back at your reading anytime that you want. You have to forgive yourself and those that have hurt you in your life. As you do this, you will see that you can meditate, and you can go deeper in your life. The reading will help you to work through things in your life.

The length of the spread is up to you, and you have to use your intuition to guide you and to help you to know what kind of spread that you want to use. If you have gone through somewhere new in your life, you can see this as a new phase.

Even if you aren’t in a calm and perfect place yet, keep moving forward until you get where you want to be. Notice the energies that are around you and use these energies to build trust with yourself and with others.


  1. The idea of leaving the spread out to revisit throughout the day is intriguing. It allows for a more profound and reflective interaction with the cards.

  2. The section on the emotional and intuitive aspects of tarot readings is well-articulated. It emphasizes the importance of inner work, which is often overlooked.

  3. I find the structure of this article quite compelling. It provides not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’ behind each card, which adds depth to the practice.

  4. This article offers a comprehensive guide to using tarot spreads for self-discovery. The detailed breakdown of card positions and their meanings is particularly useful for beginners.

  5. Although I’m skeptical about tarot, this article makes a strong case for its utility in personal growth and self-understanding. It provides a thoughtful approach to introspection.


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