Six of Cups

Six of Cups
Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is the sixth card in the Suit of Cups.  This card is when you are looking back on being a child. The cups are being used to hold flowers instead of to drink out of on this card.  This is a positive card and brings back good memories.

The Six of Cups card represents being innocent and thinking of things from simple times.


The past of the Six of Cups represents having a happy life when growing up.  It brings good memories, and you need not get carried away with your past.  You might have a time in your mind that you remember that seemed normal, but your friends thought it wasn’t.


In the present, the Six of Cups means that you are spending too much time dwelling on your happiness in the past.  You will have a better experience in your life now, and nothing will stop you from being happy.  So take pleasure in what you do now.


The future of the Six of Cups means that you have good memories, and they are there to help you have a good future.  You want to look at those memories in the future and see if they allow you to be better.  Don’t just focus on the good things you did but work as you have never done enough.  Think about your past but know what is best is in your future.  Think about your childhood dreams and use them to meet what you want in life.


The Six of Cups with your work means that you are at a job you hate and going nowhere with it.  However, there are no reasons that you cannot learn to do something different so try to follow your passions. A job is a way to make money, but if you follow your passion or build your skill then you will find something you actually enjoy that will also pay the bills.


The Six of Cups in love means that you will have a time when the relationship will be in the honeymoon phase, and things will be calm.  Focus on the future and where this relationship is going.  If you are single, see if someone is right for you but just be simple. Creating some complicated checklist can cause you to miss out on someone wonderful. Trust your gut, even if who you find is not who you expect. Be open to love if it feels right.


The Six of Cups means that you will have old friends show up to see you.  So you will have the best time making friends now, and the reunion will be exciting. Friendships are healthy if they are of quality so make new friends as you keep the old.


This is an okay sign with your money, but you will find that you will get the money that you could have had a long time ago.  But if you owe money, you will have to pay it back.  So don’t focus on simple things.  Instead, find things that are best for you. Now is not the time to waste money, but to save up for the quality items that you actually need in life and will use for a long time to come.


The Six of Cups can mean that your childhood is affecting you emotionally.  You don’t want to walk away from this, and you want to be active and healthy. If your childhood was positive then embrace that same joy and wonder in your everyday life. If your childhood does not have many positive memories, then work through any issues and then let it go to better your mental, spiritual, and physical health.


The Six of Cups in your spiritual being means that you must be simple.  So don’t be too complex and sum up your ideas in the simplest terms.  Don’t think too much about what is going on with you. Instead, enjoy your connection to the world or a higher power.


You can use the Six of Cups for the reverse to see things that are unrealistic.  You will see TV and media, and life will be exaggerated.  If you don’t feel like living up to current standards, you need to try something new and be excited over the newest challenge. This is not a negative card unless you choose to view it in this way.


The Six of Cups means balance and trust.  This will be a tradition that is familiar, and it will show that you are overthinking problems.  Move towards things even when they are hard. Trust your natural instincts, but maintain balance in all parts of your life. This may take some time, but it will be worth it.


  • Childhood
  • Families
  • Soulmates
  • Innocence


The element of the Six of Cups is water.

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