Using Dreams to Interpret Tarot Cards

Using Dreams to Interpret Tarot Cards

If you love dream interpretation and you love tarot cards, you might want to know that you can use tarot cards to help you to understand your dreams better or you can use your dreams to interpret your tarot card spreads.

Interpreting dreams is something that allows people to connect with their subconscious minds and when this connection is found, it can help you to see that you can connect your dreams with tarot cards and understand things in your life even more.

Using Tarot Cards to Interpret Dreams

You should try using tarot spreads to interpret your dreams and see how this works for you. Tarot cards are spiritual, and they are tools that can give you the answers that are hidden. This means that your cards can help to give you true answers. Dreams are secret truths and things that are often buried in your subconscious mind and even though they are spiritual, they can come out with the help of the cards.

Even your spirit guides can help you to understand your dreams and see how important they are even when you are awake. Some dreams can be super hard to understand and when you use the tarot cards to look at your dreams, you will see that there are symbols and images that can match and can help you to pinpoint just what your dreams mean.

Since you are connected with the tarot cards in a spiritual way, you can connect your spirit with your dreams at the same time and get answers.

Interpreting Dreams with Tarot Spreads

Here are some ways that you can use tarot spreads to interpret your dreams:

  • Three Card Spread

This spread is one way that you can start interpreting your dreams. This is a great way to help you understand your dream if you aren’t quite sure what it means.

The first card that comes in this spread is the card that tells you what is causing you to have this dream. This is what is bothering you in your life that needs to come to the surface. This is a card that is normally easy to understand.

With the second card, this can be a meaning that is hidden in the dream.  This card can tell you things that you have kept hidden in your subconscious that is just coming out.

You might have a dream that you are giving birth to a baby. The first card that is pulled could very well be the Eight of Pentacles card. If you pull this card, it means having a craft and being diligent and ambitious. When you look at the card and the dream together, you can see that as you work hard, you are pushing out new life.

But, if you would happen to pull the Seven of Cups card in this spread as the second card, this can mean that you have so many choices going on around you that you are feeling confused and overwhelmed and you aren’t sure just what you want. You are working hard but you don’t know which journey you should take.

The third card in the spread will be the action that you need to take so that you can move forward and use your dream to help you. If you pull the Wheel of Fortune card for this, it can mean that you need to let things flow smoothly. This can tell you that you are confused about things but that it will all flow smoothly soon, and you will understand it as long as you trust in the universe to help you.

  • Five Card Spread

This is another spread that you can use for interpreting dreams. This spread has more cards and therefore it will have a deeper meaning.

The first card will refer to the situation that is making you have this dream. This can be something that you are dealing with, or it can even be an event that recently happened.

The second card of the spread will be what your subconscious mind has hidden from you. It might be that you are fearful or that you are confused.

The third card can mean that you have a connection between your subconscious and conscious mind and that this card can help you to understand your emotions better. Take time to look at this card from a different perspective so that you can get a deep meaning and find more clarity.

With the fourth card, it will tell you why you are having the dream and what the spirit guides are trying to tell you.

The last card in this spread is the things that you need to do in your life to move on and to develop yourself so that you can deal with the dream you are having.

Symbolism Three Card Spread

When using tarot cards, images and symbols are going to be very important. This has to do with things going on in your subconscious mind that you are noting and that you might not realize. This can be things that you experience on a day-to-day basis, and you are trying to get a message.

If there is a symbol that keeps coming up in your dreams, using this three-card spread can help you to understand what your dream is trying to tell you.

The first card is the main card, and it will show you what your image or symbol means and what it means for your life.

The second card can show the emotions that you have in these symbols and how it is affecting your dreams.

The third card can represent the message that the symbol and image is trying to show you in your dream, and this puts the first and second card in order of what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

It can be hard to do this reading at first but as you practice, and you look at the different cards then you can understand this even more. For example, if you dream about bees a lot, this can represent something going on in your social life. When you do a tarot card reading, you can learn to understand more what the dream is trying to tell you.

Maybe the first card that you pull is the Devil card. This card can talk about being bound or being addicted to something. What does this mean in regards to bees?

This card can mean that you have something going on in your relationships that is destructive. This works together since the bees mean having a social life and the Devil card is a negative energy. This means that you need to address something going on in your relationship.

The emotions that you have with this dream can tell a lot. If you pull the Nine of Wands card as the second card in the spread, it can mean that you have courage and that you keep moving forward. This can mean that you have a strong will and that you are determined to ignore things that are negative in your relationship.

If you pull the Ten of Wands as the third card, this can mean that there are struggles and that you are burdened by something. Putting the second and first card together can show you that your dreams are telling you that you might not be as strong as you think that you are and that you will soon be burdened by the negativity in your relationship.

Spiritual Dream Four Card Spread

There are spiritual and psychological themes behind dream interpretation. These are both important when you are having dreams. Using a four-card tarot spread can help you to know both meanings behind your dreams.

The first card can tell you why you are having the dream, and this is normally a card that is easy to understand.

The second card can tell you if there is a spiritual message that your dream is trying to show you. Ask your guides to give you advice about the dream.

The third card can refer to what the psychological message is behind the dream and if you have desires or fears that you aren’t facing, which might cause the dream.

The fourth card can give you advice on how to move forward and what you need to learn from the message of the dream. This can be action that you need to take.

The last card might not be as easy to understand and if you don’t know the meaning then you need to take time to meditate on it so that you can understand it and get a clear picture of what the dream is telling you.

Understanding Dreams

Tarot cards can help you to understand your dreams more than you ever imagined. Once you start practicing, you can try different spreads to figure out what your dreams mean for you. This can give you guidance and clarity in your life and help you to make good decisions.