Myths of the Tarot Cards

Myths of the Tarot Cards

Doing a tarot reading has a lot to do with psychic gifts and if you aren’t sure about what this means, it can be important to understand what a tarot reading is. This is a deck of cards that has 78 cards in it that is divided into different Arcana’s, the major and the minor. The thing about the cards is that there are many myths behind them and here they are:

Past, Present and Future

Even though many people want to know what their past, present and future holds, some believe that this is silly and that they should never rely on the cards to make this happen. It is up to you if you believe in tools of divination or not and if you believe that the tarot cards tell you things about yourself.

Does a Psychic Have to Read the Cards?

You don’t have to have a psychic to read tarot cards. All you have to do is to have a deck of tarot cards and be willing to let your intuition guide you. Each of the cards has different images and symbols and they are based on your intuition.

As a gifted person that is able to open up to the spiritual world, you will be able to understand the cards and what they mean. You can use your intuition to understand the symbols behind the cards and you don’t have to be shy about it.

Are the Tarot Cards Evil?

Tarot cards are linked to the occult, but they are not considered to be black magic. These are cards that aren’t meant to be used to find out dark things but only to boost your intuition so that you can practice your psychic gifts.

Are Tarot Cards Magic?

Even if you want to see magic, there are some things that aren’t really magic and don’t bring miracles into your life. Tarot cards are a way to guide you, but they aren’t magic. They help you to see yourself as who you are.

If you are able to predict the past, present or future, you aren’t magic, you are just listening to your intuition and letting it guide you. This is a tool of divination.

Are The Tarot Cards Accurate?

Tarot cards are fun, and they can help you to know what is happening in your life and in your future or what you went through in your past. These cards are not going to always be perfect and sometimes there will be predictions that don’t come true.

Someone can predict their future with tarot cards, but the thing is that the future can always change because of free will. You can even predict your own future without having cards to read.

Your future is something that you are in control of and even if you get a reading with a tarot card, it can change based on the decisions that you make in your life.

Are Reversed Cards Bad?

People that don’t understand the reversed cards might be nervous when they get a card that is upside down. This doesn’t mean that the card is bad. Some believe that the reversed cards can be both positive and negative and that they just have different meanings.


  1. I appreciate the neutral tone of this article and its effort to dispel myths surrounding tarot cards. The idea that reversed cards aren’t necessarily bad but simply have different meanings is an important point. It would be interesting to see a follow-up article that explores common spreads and their interpretations.

  2. The article provides a basic understanding of tarot cards and clarifies some common misconceptions, such as the belief that tarot cards are linked to black magic. It’s interesting to note that tarot reading relies heavily on intuition rather than requiring psychic abilities.

  3. This article demystifies tarot cards effectively, explaining that one doesn’t need to be a psychic to read them. The focus on intuition is particularly noteworthy. However, the piece could benefit from examples of how tarot readings have been interpreted in different cultures or historical periods.

  4. The differentiation between using tarot cards as a tool for guidance versus seeing them as a form of magic is well-stated. The article rightly emphasizes the role of free will in shaping one’s future, making it clear that tarot readings should be taken as guidance rather than absolute predictions.

  5. This piece gives a clear overview of tarot cards and their usage. The distinction between major and minor Arcana, as well as the explanation of reversed cards, is helpful. However, I would have appreciated a more in-depth analysis of how intuition plays a role in interpreting the cards.


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