Using a Five Card in a Tarot Spread

Five Card in a Tarot Spread

Do you see that people want power and they want to dominate things? Do you notice that there is energy that is wanting to control the environment? Do you know what is causing you to leave your efforts and to do something else? Using a tarot reading can help you to know things. A tarot card with a five can mean that you are being released into the reading and that your issues are right in front of you.

Sexual prowess is the number five, and it controls your lusts. This means that your addictions are on the same side as your commitments. When the five card shows up, it will mean you are submissive, or you are in control.

Power is important in most relationships and that is between two people. This is an emotional response that people have with each other and having the power to control each other is often important. When you are addicted or you are in love, you will see that you are submitting to that person and that you are allowing them to take part in your soul and your being.

Number 5 Cards

The five of swords card is a winning card but the victory is cheap. You will get power, but it won’t be over anything important. This has two characters that are subservient and one that is a powerful character. The haggard smirks because the enemy loses its swords. This means they are defeated, and they run.

The man probably didn’t fight fair and no matter what, the battle ends, and the man is happy to get the swords, but his victory was shallow, so he is sad.

Five of Wands

This card is one that makes you to remember that you should have fun. It lets you be creative and challenged while you are relaxed. Do you want to make something beautiful, and it consumes you? You can make things perfect if you have the Five of Wand card. This will come to tell you to have fun and play games and enjoy your life.

Five of Pentacles

This card will be there when your finances and the economy are bad. It shows up when you have no more hope in your relationship or in yourself. This card means that you are going through something hard, and you have no faith to make it out. This card can help you to change if it comes in your tarot reading.

Five of Cups

This card is one that reminds you that when you are grieving you have no power. You can control your emotions because the one in the card is in a tragedy. The tragedy of the card might make you feel guilty but there is hope in the middle of a travesty. There are still two cups that are standing even when some fall. Things are still moving, and you can get away from your pain.

Interpreting the Tarot Cards

If you have a tarot reading that has more than one five, it means you are struggling with something powerful. You might need to get anger management or something else to get you going back to something good. Maybe you keep going back to a toxic relationship or you aren’t letting someone love you like you should.

Each reading that you do will represent your past, present and future and so the foundation of what is going on in your life depends on the cards. The present position can give you power and help you to know what you are to do in your life. The future can make you wonder what it holds, and the past cards can warn you of how to keep things in charge and to stay alert.

If you are outside of a group, it can mean you are not reaching your goals. Redeem yourself if you can and get rid of this group of people.

If you don’t fit in, it can mean that you need to find other people that you fit in with. The five cards can give you an out.

Number 5 in Your Cards

The number five is the best way to explain why you are having a hard relationship. This card can help you to find equality in your relationship because it brings balance and less control. Explore the world of the tarot cards and learn what is in your reading.