Are Kipper Cards the Best?

Kipper Cards

Getting a tarot card reading might be one of the most known things that people do when talking to a psychic. When you want to be able to do your own tarot card readings, not all cards are the same.

Kipper cards are cards that make it easy to understand what the cards mean. A Kipper deck allows people to see the experiences and situations of life like sickness, work, relationships, and your life journey.

Kipper cards are said to be some of the best kind of fortune telling decks because they are great at predictions and telling into the future. These work well with timing and when you get a card like the Expectation card, it can mean that you will normally see something happen within the next three months.

Understanding Kipper Cards

Kipper cards were made by Kippekarten who a fortune teller from Germany was. The cards were made in the 1800’s and are considered to be an alternative to the Lenormand deck. There are only 36 cards in this deck rather than the 78 in a regular tarot deck and the interpretations of the Kipper deck are cut and dry.

Reading the Kipper Cards

If you choose to get a Kipper reading, there are two cards that are the main cards. The first one will be a card that represents who you are, and the second card will represent someone in your life that you are desiring to be with. The other cards are easy to read.

There can be a good or a bad sign that depends on the way that the cards relate to the characters in the cards. Cards that go before the main card are normally positive while the cards under the main card are considered to be negative.

What Do the Kipper Cards Mean?

Here are some of the meanings of the Kipper cards:

  • Marriage: This is a good card that can mean having a strong connection but can also mean separation.
  • Letter: This card is one that can mean gossip and worry, or it can mean something good is going to happen. This depends on where the card goes.
  • Journey: The journey card is a travel card. If it sits in a bad position, it can mean facing obstacles.
  • House: This card can mean to belong or to be stable.
  • Prison This car can mean secrets, or it can tell an accident is coming.

Getting a Kipper Card Reading

The hardest part about doing a Kipper reading is to trust the cards. You can use these cards to give you a reading that you need. Here are some things that you can ask during the Kipper card reading:

  • Am I going to meet someone soon?
  • What kinds of changes will come to me?
  • What is going to happen tomorrow?
  • What will happen soon in my relationship?


  1. This article sheds light on an intriguing aspect of fortune telling that is less commonly discussed. The straightforward nature of the Kipper cards and their clear interpretations could be quite appealing for those new to card readings.

  2. I appreciate the clear explanation of the meanings of individual Kipper cards and how their positions can influence their interpretations. This seems like a practical guide for anyone interested in exploring these types of divination cards.

  3. The distinction between Kipper cards and traditional tarot decks is quite insightful. The specificity and directness of the Kipper card meanings might make them more accessible for beginners in fortune telling.

  4. The article provides a thorough introduction to Kipper cards, which appear to offer a simpler alternative to traditional tarot decks. It’s interesting to note the historical background of these cards and their specific usage in fortune telling.

  5. It’s fascinating to read about the unique way Kipper cards are read, especially the relationship between the main cards and other cards. This adds a layer of depth to understanding one’s life and future experiences.


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