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How to Bond and Connect with Your Tarot Cards

People that read Tarot cards often have learned their deck and knows that all the decks are different and can give you a message differently than the next deck.

All cards that a reader chooses to have their own pictures and personalities and it is up to you to pick out a deck that you love and one that you can connect with. What happens if you pick a deck and you do not feel that you are connected with it?

Instead of stopping your Tarot reading, you just need to figure out how to bond with your cards. There are different ways that you can practice getting closer to your deck and you can learn to tune into your cards and do readings for yourself and for others.

Look at the Cards

When you get a deck of cards, you need to look at all of the cards one by one. Look at the picture on the card and figure out if you are missing any cards from the deck.

Look at the cards and introduce yourself to each one so that you can get closer to your deck. There are things that you can look for such as things that are recurring.

Does your deck have some of the same characters or even the same kinds of colors? When you look at the different suits, do they have different names and does the color, and the characters mean something new to you that another deck didn’t mean?

Look at the court cards. Do they rename them or give them a different view? Do the cards follow the regular cards such as the cups or the coins? Do the symbols repeat?

Figure out which cards are your favorite and which ones you don’t like that much and why. If there are any cards that you feel familiar with, note that. Do you feel that the deck has cards that have a different meaning? Will this change the way that you interpret the cards?


Take time to meditate with your Tarot deck and do this by picking a card from the deck. Imagine that you are having a conversation with the card and what are you saying to it? Do you wonder what kind of answer it would give you if it was there in front of you?

Pay attention to the feelings that you have and think about yourself being there with the card. Do you see the atmosphere and the character? What are they doing? Learn to ask questions about the deck that you might not have asked before.

If you still do not have the answer you want, ask the question again and see if the playing cards are different. The meaning of the card can change depending on the message that you get.


When you go to bed, take your cards with you. Put them under your pillow or on your nightstand. You can do this to allow messages to come to you. This can help you to tune more into the deck and to get more ideas from the deck you are using.

Your deck will be close to you and then you will want to use it more. Flip through the cards before you go to sleep and see if you get any messages or if you have dreams about the cards before you wake up. Journal your findings.


Take time to talk to the cards and interview them. Spread them out and ask them what they are, therefore.

Just like a real interview, talk to your cards, and ask them things such as:

  • What is important about you?
  • What are you strong at doing?
  • Do you have any kinds of limits?
  • What do you want me to learn from you?
  • How can I work well with you?
  • What kind of outcome will you give me if I work with you?

White Book

Each set of Tarot cards comes with a book to help you understand the cards more. If you are confused or you don’t understand a meaning, look in the book and see what the symbols mean.

If there is not a book, you can go out and buy one that will help you. This will help you to have a companion when you do your reading.

You probably won’t need a book because you will already know most of the cards, but if you do, this will help you to figure out things when you are stuck.

Clean Them

Take time to cleanse your deck, doing this can help you connect with your cards easier.

Sorting the Deck

Sort the deck and put them in a different order. Shuffle the deck and you can even separate them in major or minor arcana. This helps you to look at the cards differently.

When you shuffle the cards, knock on them and ask them to wake up. When you feel that you are connected with them, set an intention for the reading.

Use Them

Once you do all of those things, use the cards. Do this each day and ask them questions so that you can get closer to your deck.

When you comfortable with your deck, you can start to do Tarot readings for other people. You will be surprised how close you feel with your deck and how much things have changed.

If you are not able to do readings yet because you are new, keep getting to know the cards until you are ready.


Journal the cards and how they make you feel each day. Do this so that you can notice any changes that come along. People that journal are able to write down their feelings and how the cards affect them.

When you do a drawing in the mooring, don’t forget to journal this as well.

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