Loved One Spirits

Loved One Spirits

Many people wonder what happens to their loved ones after they die. They want to know where the soul goes and about the different realms. Many believe that spirits come back to the world as friends, spiritual guides, and more.

Some people want to know what happens to their children when they die and if they go to heaven. Of course, it is hard for a psychic always to answer all the questions, but one medium believes that a soul of an unborn child will never die and that the physical world rules the physical body, but the spirit world rules the spiritual body.

When people talk about dying, they want to know specific things such as:

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • How do the actions that I do affect other people?
  • Why do things happen, and what is the purpose of things in life?

Spirit World

As said above, the spirit world is different from the physical world, which is why materials cannot go with someone after they die. So even if you have bought someone that you loved some jewelry or some other things, they will never be able to take it with them.


Some wonder if a person will be mad if someone doesn’t show up to their funeral, but the truth is that the spirit has so much going on that they will not be offended. Instead, they will have compassion for that person and continue moving forward in their journey.


Someone who leaves the earth will go to a place that will be different from what earth looks like. Different people, cultures, and religions have varying perspectives of this place. Some call it Heaven, some a spirit world, some limbo, but it is a spiritual realm in which departed loved ones continue their journey.


People often wonder if a child will continue to grow after they die, but the truth is that even though the soul and the mind are always changing, the physical body is in the ground, and it is no longer growing. A child who passes on will not grow physically, but as a spirit they can continue to grow, mature, and share as they choose because they are free to do so.

Life and Death

People that question life and death often wonder if their loved one survived crossing over after dying. According to psychics, these people gather information and energy for as long as they continue as a spirit.

No matter what the physical world looks like, the message is different in the spiritual world, and it can be a different type of thing that happens on the earth.

When someone seeks a medium, the chances are that they will not get the answers that they want or the validation that they want to know what is going on with their dead loved ones. Sometimes, the answers come, but the loved one is not in a place to answer the questions or show up.

When you are hurting and you want to communicate with your loved one, you have to understand that the soul is in a free state, and they have the option to do what they want.

Physical conditions no longer rule the person, so they do not have to fight in their body to live. They see things differently from people on the earth, so when you are seeking answers, you might not always get the answers you want.  Allow your loved ones to be at peace, and when they want to communicate with you and show their love and support, they will. If you are interested in seeking answers from a loved one, then find someone who specializes in contacting the departed. If you cannot make contact, do not feel shorted or as if your loved one no longer cares. Just as on earth, they are enjoying their freedom and will make contact when they choose.