What is the Difference Between Oracle and Tarot Cards?

Tarot Cards

People that are into psychics and other mystical things know that the tools of divination have become popular over time. People have begun to do oracle and tarot readings and many people don’t realize that there is a difference between them.

Is an oracle reading different than a tarot reading? What are the differences?

Tarot Cards

People believe that tarot cards are very exciting. These things go back to ancient Egyptian times, and they are part of the Library of Alexandria because they are considered historical.

There is no evidence that tarot cards really work but many people believe them to just be for games. There are four suits in a tarot deck with Ace to ten and then the court cards of the Jack, Queen and King with each suit.

There is a major and minor arcana and each of the suits have the same amount of cards.

The Major arcana has 22 cards with different images, and they go from the Fool card to the World card.

There are different explanations of where the cards come from but the trump cards in a game called Tarrochi is similar to bridge and become popular in the 1700’s.


Each of the tarot decks have cards that each have pictures and a meaning. The cards will have the similar meanings, but the imagery of the card is different because of the different people that do the artwork.

The Hermit card in the Housewives Tarot cards is based on caring for yourself and showing yourself love where the card from the Dragon Tarot deck focus on looking deep inside and being a loner.

You will get different cards that mean different things depending on the person that illustrates them. All of the cards can be different types and the reader is the one that will interpret the cards for you.

Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are different than tarot cards because you ask a question, and the reader shuffles the cards, and they pick a card. Each deck is different because the cards will mean different things depending on who makes them.

You can find tarot cards that have different themes, and the themes will cause the reading to be different.

If you ask a question such as, “How can I have a good day?” and you draw from one of the decks, you can find out that the cards you draw can mean different things. If you draw the Druid Plant Oracle card, then you will see words such as warrior and freedom. This means that if you want to have freedom, you will need to be more creative and focus on what your goals are.

The Enchanted Spell Oracle will have a fertility card which can mean starting something new or even getting pregnant, it is once again up to the reader.

The cards will be different depending on your reader from adventure, circumstances, luck, not waiting to be told what to do, trusting in yourself, believing in what you see and all kinds of different messages.

If you get a new deck of oracle cards, you have to figure out what the author of the cards mean for each of the cards. You can read the messages with your intuition and let the card give its own meaning.

Even doing this can cause you to get a different meaning each time you draw a card. With the tarot cards, you will get a different meaning depending on what order the cards are in but the oracle cards, the direction doesn’t matter.

Difference Between Oracle and Tarot Cards

Here are ways that you can use these different decks of cards:

  • Draw a card each day to get new advice.
  • Put out bigger spreads to know more.
  • Journal about the cards you draw to get more information about them.

The big difference between the cards are what they mean. As you look at the cards, you will learn what the meanings are for each of the cards, and you can learn to listen to the rules or the grammar of the cards.

Oracle cards require you to use your own decks. Each of the cards will be literal and you will get the right message that you are looking for when you need it.

The oracle cards will go further because even if you feel that you should draw from a certain deck, the oracle cards will give you the right message and will reach to the reader.

No card is better than another card, but the oracle cards are more flexible in the meanings where the tarot cards are straight up.

What Next?

If you want to know more about the tarot and oracle cards you can look online to find out more about the meanings and what to do next. You can even find out how to do your own readings.

Find out more about the tarot and the oracle cards and get the most out of your reading.


  1. This article is a good primer for those new to tarot and oracle cards. The breakdown of their differences and how each can be used offers valuable insight for beginners looking to explore these divination methods.

  2. The discussion about the different decks and their unique interpretations adds a layer of depth to understanding these divination tools. It’s intriguing how the same card can have different meanings across various decks.

  3. The explanation of how oracle cards require personal intuition for interpretation is compelling. It highlights the subjective nature of these readings and the importance of personal connection to the cards.

  4. The article provides a clear distinction between tarot and oracle cards. It’s interesting to note how the interpretations can vary significantly based on the deck’s illustrations and the reader’s intuition.

  5. I appreciate the historical context given for tarot cards and the insight into how oracle cards operate. The flexibility of oracle card meanings compared to the structured nature of tarot cards is quite fascinating.


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