Unlock the Secrets of Your Past Life

Tarot Spread

Humans crave an explanation to every question.  We are programmed with a drive to understand why.  This is also true when we ponder if this is our only chance at life or if we have been on Earth before in another body.  This is why we are so fascinated by the concept and attributes of reincarnation.

Throughout history, people have reported a variety of evidence for past lives.  Today, mediums can place a client into a past life regression, a deep state of hypnosis that reconnects our spirit to former lives.  This practice helps resurface dormant memories to the front of our consciousness.  In other instances, a person can have a spontaneous memory like a young child remembering the neighborhood of their former “home.”

A well-known instance of past life recognition comes in the practice of identifying the Dalai Lama, who leads Tibetan Buddhism.  By recognizing personal objects in his environment as a young boy, a prospect can prove he is the reincarnation of his predecessor, thus ensuring a continuous lineage of leadership throughout the centuries.

Other instances of verifiable evidence of a previous life can be depicted in the placement and aspects to and from the South Node of the moon within a person’s natal chart as a whole.  The astrologist Steven Forrest penned a book, “Yesterday’s Sky,” detailing how and why past lives are central to Evolutionary Astrology.  He conveys that humans are mysteriously drawn to certain places and people, and we all carry unresolved traumas and use our innate talents and gifts to heal these lingering wounds.  Another author, the Jung Institute and Oxford-trained psychotherapist Roger Woolger, details in his book “Other Lives, Other Selves” the shamanic trance of the Deep Memory Process.  This act is unique from hypnosis, creating an elevated state of consciousness to produce healing vibrations to our essential elements that are in misalignment.  When it realigns, the past life identity and story are able to be fully processed and resolved.

Using Tarot to Understand Past Lives

If you don’t have the time to delve into all the books or work with a medium, you can understand your past lives with the help of your favorite Tarot deck.  Try using the following simple four-card spread to learn how a past life is impacting your current one!  Below we have provided an example spread.

Card One – You in a relevant past life

Nine of Cups

You may have spent much of your past partying, but what fun adventures you had and wonderful memories you created!  Consider how your personality might have changed between being in public and private.  Can you identify any differences?  Were they minor or drastic?

Card Two – Your purpose and role in that life

Queen of Swords

This shows a keen intellect but a cool and controlling demeanor.  Consider how those traits might have influenced others in your life or within your community.

Card Three – Are there lingering lessons from that lifetime

Ace of Swords

You were so passionate that you viewed everything as a battle you had to win at any cost.  This signals that you may have struggled with cooperation, understanding how to form a work-life balance, or the balance of compromising and advocating for your core values.  What other area may be left unresolved and complicating this current life?

Card Four – How does the past life relate to your current one

Ten of Swords

Learn to identify past life energy and how it impacts you in your current form.  For example, have you been feely overly stressed out and sad lately?  Observe your dreams, fears, and passions.  How does this card relate to how you relate to the world around you and embrace your life’s purpose, especially in the context of any past life echoes?

Using the Past to Maximize the Present

Past lives convey valuable data to help us make the most of this current lifetime.  If you have been feeling stuck or drawn to something inexplicably, using the Past Life Tarot spread can help shine much need light on how to break cosmic cords so you can live a more fully present life.