Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships

We have all been in a situation where we have been attached and maybe even obsessed with a person or an event that has happened in our lives. It was like how we were when we were teenagers, and we obsessed over the guy or girl that we loved.

When you realize that you are obsessing over someone and you cannot figure out how to get over them, there are reasons you are probably in a karmic relationship and didn’t even realize it.

Karmic Relationship

Here are some things that you get with a karmic relationship:

  • Loving someone at first sight.
  • Having strong emotions.
  • Being dependent on someone.
  • Having a hard time being away from them.
  • Thinking about them nonstop.

Karmic relationships are strong attachment relationships that can last for years and years. Now though, we have a way that we can learn to free ourselves and our soul from these kinds of attachments, much easier than we could in the past.

The universe will always give you the information that you need because the universe takes care of your soul. When you want to release toxic relationships or karma in your life, follow the suggestions below:


The first thing to learn is that everything happens for a reason. There is a chain that connects the thoughts and the universe, and even when things are dark or hard, there is healing in your life.

When you are crying and upset over a guy that hurt you, someone you have met and been with for a long time, or someone who has caused you pain, the universe is there to help you get away from that person.

Maybe this person is a complete jerk, and the universe knows this, even when you want to make the relationship work. The universe is there to save you and show you how to learn from this relationship and move on.

There is always going to be a pain, but you will learn a lot when you experience negative things and pain in your life. This will help you come to an understanding and see things from a different view.

The universe loves you very much and will take care of you. However, a negative karmic relationship in your life means that you need to learn new things. There are two ways to deal with a karmic relationship: to either work through the pain and disappointment with an open mind or to close off your mind and allow yourself to feel hurt and betrayed.


Have you ever noticed that painful situations are always a life lesson? When you have the wisdom to accept that things happen in your life for a reason, you will learn to be logical about situations, and you will have more wisdom.

If you are in a hard situation, you can learn to let the universe guide you and help you to learn and help you to have wisdom even in the hard situations. Even if you cry and are sad or upset, you can see that the world is different.

Chances are you will struggle for a while, but when you learn to slow down and clear your head, you can learn to see things in a different light. This is true wisdom, and it is something that you will remember. This can be a beautiful thing for you and something that brings newness to your life.


Sometimes, we have a hard time feeling value, especially when we are in sorry relationships. Women stuck in karmic relationships often feel worthless and feel that they have no power or hope in their lives.

The universe sees your life in a balance and when you are forced into a karmic relationship, learn from it. Once the lesson is learned, you will be able to move on because the universe will help.

Female and Masculine Energies

The purpose of karma is to balance and teach you. Men and women work together with a force and an energy. If you have masculine energy, you are suppressing your female side, which might be why you cannot attract someone to love you.

Your energies are similar if you are a man or a women, but you do not fulfill each other completely. These energies can be sexual energies, friendship energies, or family energies. Not being able to fulfill a relationship means that you feel unappreciated or hurt. So you have to find balance and find a way to be stronger.

The masculine side will help you to want to communicate but not appreciate things, while the feminine side will help you be sensitive but maybe not as strong.

A woman and a man have to know their worth and have to learn to love and respect their energies. This is necessary to attract and maintain a strong relationship.

Karmic relationships can be intense, wonderful, painful, and always lesson filled. If you find yourself in a karmic relationship, try to learn the lesson you need, then walk away when the time is right. Ask the universe for help if you do not feel strong enough.