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Peace Through The Power Of Tarot

Tarot is an ancient tool of divination, and it can also be used as a dramatic tool for healing, meditation, and shifting deeply engrained patterns. Many years ago, I apprenticed with an amazing Shaman Healer by the name of Hannah. She taught me the deeper meanings of the Tarot. In addition, Hannah shared how to use the cards to enhance my meditation skills, access their healing gifts, and empower my thoughts, actions, and spiritual awareness. It is my honor to share tools with you to help enhance your daily connection to your higher self and Source.

Each Major Arcana card embodies a special message, energy, and focus. Each day, choose a single tarot card from those numbered zero to twenty-one. Shuffle the cards and intuitively select the one that most resonates. After you have chosen the card, light candles or incense for the meditation, begin to breathe in and out slowly as you observe the card. Devote at least fifteen minutes to your meditation. Focus on the meaning of the card and its images. The card will begin to speak and reveal more as you concentrate.

If you are seeking spiritual or emotional healing, choose the card that most resonates with the type of healing you seek to call in. Then address each issue you have around the concern. This is an easy exercise before going to sleep. Perform your meditation with the chosen card. End your session by journaling about the card’s traits and the messages you received.

For emotional healing, use the High Priestess card (spiritual or therapeutic help). Use the Lovers for relationship guidance. If you simply need rest, work with the Hermit card. For healing to reconnect to one’s true self and purpose, each of these cards promotes healing and raises your awareness: The Magician for help from Spirit. The Star card for dreams and wishes. The Moon card enhances your own intuition and psychic power. Each card holds a specific meaning and power that can be beneficial to different areas of your life. Make sure you are focused on the aspect you hold a concern in before drawing and meditating.

The Tarot has often gotten a bad reputation, but using the Tarot to enhance your life, build up self-esteem, and learn to trust your intuition to solve problems or concerns in your life. To utilize the Tarot for your personal use, make sure you are spending time with the cards, meditating daily, and recording what you learn. The message you receive may not make sense in the moment, but by recording it you can gain understanding as life unfolds.

There is no reason to fear the Tarot. While a psychic is very helpful in getting started and learning, over time you can start to use Tarot on your own as well to make sure you have daily access if this is desired. Tarot is fun, entertaining, informative, and simple once you learn what you are doing. Take the chance and educate yourself to help guide your life through the use of Tarot.

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