High Priestess Tarot Card

Significance of A High Priestess

Do you usually get a high priestess on a tarot reading? Wondering why? The High Priestess, aka the Popess, is the second trump card in the Major Arcana of the deck of Tarot. Keywords for this important card are inner wisdom and reflection, intuition, femininity, the moon, and subconscious thoughts. Reversed, the High Priestess symbolizes hidden agendas.

Card Appearance:

A lone woman sits. She is dressed in ceremonial vestments, including robes and a crown or an elaborate headdress. Traditionally water flows through the image, and a crescent moon rests at her feet. She usually holds an open book.


The awesome feminine power of the High Priestess is a good omen for love, whether you are male or female. If you are looking for a female companion or have grown apart from your current partner, this card could bring good fortune to your personal life in the form of a new female presence. If you are a woman, this could signal that the love famine is over and the feast is just about to begin. Do not be shocked if men suddenly start crawling out of the woodwork and start vying for your affections.


Someone may not be telling you the whole truth about your money matters, especially if the card was in the reversed position. Therefore, be vigilant and skeptical about your money management. Do not be afraid to investigate to reveal the truth about those involved in your financial life. Only rely on your own instincts and gut feelings to make the right financial moves instead of trusting others.


This is a great opportunity to build self-trust in your own decision-making processes and your spirituality. Once you can learn to rely on your own intuition and inner voice, you may feel more at ease with the world. This can lead you to great spiritual advancement. Pay particularly close attention to your dreams and daydreams. The High Priestess is a sign of being introspective and acknowledging the subconscious mind. Dreams expose our innermost wants and desires, so heed them more than usual. If you do, greatness is sure to follow.


All of this deep self-reflection may lead you to the career path of your dreams. Once you truly examine who you are and what you love to do, the world is your oyster. Prepare to become more successful after you figure out your true workplace passion. Your self-examination and newfound self-awareness may lead to a raise or promotion at your current job, or it could signal the beginning of a whole new career field for you.


If you have been experiencing health problems, this may be the time to get a second opinion from another healthcare professional. If you have recently gotten back surprising test results or been diagnosed with a new condition, trust your own subconscious and seek out another doctor if need be. You know yourself very well, so follow your inner voice when seeking medical help.

The high priestess card is typically seen as something positive, unless in reverse and related to money. If this card appears often, make sure you are being true to yourself and trusting the instinct that lies within. Keep in mind that this card has a feminine presence, but does not just apply to females. Before receiving any reading, make sure you have a clear mind and a specific question to receive the clearest reading possible.

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