Wednesday , June 28 2017
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Getting A Tarot Card That Suits You

When you're used to have a tarot card reading... time will come that an interest in the tarot will grow more to the point that you are ready to purchase a deck of cards for yourself, you may be surprised at the many options available. Many make the mistake of thinking …

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Should You Be Afraid Of The Devil Card?

     One of the most threatening card in the Tarot to most people is the Devil Card. Why shouldn't it be though? All of our lives... most of us have been taught that the Devil and Evil are interchangeable. How can a card emblazoned with this face of Evil …

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Reverse Tarot Card Can Do You Good

   I grew up with psychics and cards everywhere... Grandma would sit in the tea room smoking like a chimney. She sat at a coffee table and at the opposite end was someone else, usually a stranger who had read Grandma’s newspaper ad or heard about her from a friend.   Many …

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Use Tarot Cards For Yourself

Tarot cards have held an occult and mystical meanings for events that are to come, can read your past, and it's being used as a method of divination for so many years now. These cards are well-known to be used in readings to predict one’s fortune in the near future. …

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Why Is It The Most Popular Psychic Tool?

      When you think about psychic reading.. the first thing that you'll think is crystal and tarot cards. Now, Tarot cards became the most recognizable and popular method for psychic readings. Why? because there's an easy access, there's an excitement using it and people are mystified what it …

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Tarot Reading Needs You To Be Open Minded

  Tarot card reading has the power to bring clarity, guidance and insights needed to our lives. It is a very valuable tool that allows psychic readers to give answers to a crucial life challenges. The Tarot reading can be stunningly accurate but - like any divination tool, it is rarely perfect. …

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Tarot Reading Can Help You Win The Game Of Love

      Love is indeed a game. It is an unpredictable roller coaster where you'll never know if you're right-side up or upside-down. If your dating history is less than stellar and you keep making the same mistakes, talking to someone can help put you on the right path. Instead …

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Questions To Avoid During A Tarot Reading

  There are a lot of people who considered tarot cards to be all-knowing and they depend on it, when in reality they can’t quite answer every one of life’s dilemmas. Learn which questions you shouldn’t ask the tarot, and understand better ways to frame your questions. Yes or No …

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How To Choose Your Tarot Avatar

 I remember a very confusing time when I found myself gazing at the Strength Tarot card during my meditations. In my deck, a woman holds a winged lion on her lap with a horse in the background. Her gaze is so strong and directed out toward the viewer. I felt she …

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