How to Practice Cartomancy with Playing Cards

How to Practice Cartomancy with Playing Cards

As early as 14th century Europe, people have used playing cards as a divination tool.  In fact, they were one of the first incarnations of tarot cards!

Card Layouts

There are a number of effective cartomancy spreads, ranging from a single card to a 21-card reading.  Frequently layouts use a multiple of 3 (typically 3, 9, 12, or 21) to explore a querent’s past, present, or future.  Cartomancy can provide a quick snapshot or in-depth inquiry into one’s life, depending on the number of cards used.

Card Interpretations

Cartomancy readings are based on the suit and value of a shown card.  The suit conveys the broader message of the card.  For example, face cards represent people in your life.  Number cards usually signify events occurring in the near future.  We have compiled a list of what each playing card in a standard deck of 52 cards signifies in a cartomancy reading.


This suit, like the symbol, foretells issues involving love and relationships.  In addition, the suit of hearts may provide insight into your home, family, and emotions.

Ace of Hearts: Represents a new beginning, especially as it relates to relationships.  It can tell of a new romance, marriage, or some good news for someone close to you.

2 of Hearts: This is a card of union.  Consider spending more quality time with your loved ones

3 of Hearts: Three is a magic number.  Some readings can show your family is expanding with a new child.  If you aren’t happily married, it can mean a “hidden” force in the relationship like indecision, infidelity, or lack of commitment.

4 of Hearts: Much like a square, this shows a romance is stable, secure, and fulfilling

5 of Hearts: Significant change comes to your union like divorce, a major move, a new home, or a new career.

6 of Hearts: A time of peace and balance.  You are successfully working with others to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

7 of Hearts: You are being let down by a loved one.

8 of Hearts: At an upcoming social event, you will meet someone of key significance

9 of Hearts: Seeking the next steps in your relationship like cohabitation, marriage, or kids.

10 of Hearts:  Good news is near and justifies having a large gathering of your loved ones.

Jack of Hearts: Represents your lover or best friend – may also signify a couple if it appears with the Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts: A female lover or mother figure.  May indicate marriage or motherhood.

King of Hearts:  This important man is romantic, affectionate, and emotional – could be a father


Diamonds are a valuable commodity; thus, they represent money and finances.

Ace of Diamonds: An important vital message is coming that pertains to your finances.

2 of Diamonds: Indicates good news involving your finances or investments is on its way.

3 of Diamonds: Hesitancy regarding money may cause arguments or legal issues

4 of Diamonds:  Reminder that financial accountability is essential for a stable and prosperous life.

5 of Diamonds:  A change in finances is coming.  It could be positive like getting a new job or a negative like an unexpected house repair.

6 of Diamonds: It’s time to get your financial affairs in order and reevaluate your budget, investments, and/or debts

7 of Diamonds: Forewarning financial troubles are ahead.  Be mindful of your investment plans.

8 of Diamonds: Sudden financial gains are coming. Consider your savings and investment plans.

9 of Diamonds: An upcoming expense like unexpected purchase, repairs, or bill

10 of Diamonds: You will soon enjoy a big financial success

Jack of Diamonds: Someone who will share bad news

Queen of Diamonds: A socialite woman who may be frivolous with money.

King of Diamonds: A powerful and accomplished businessman


Clubs are often a positive sign in cartomancy.  They typically foretell a blessing or opportunity.

Ace of Clubs:  Conveys a thirst for knowledge or unique talent.

2 of Clubs:  Signifies the importance of communication to avoid conflicts and disappointment

3 of Clubs: Depicts immense creativity but can also show the stress that can arise with the creative process

4 of Clubs:  Having proper mental stability can serve you well on a great adventure

5 of Clubs:  It’s time to make a change and grow.  Picking up a new hobby, sport, or outlet.

6 of Clubs:  Accurate intuition – trust your gut and receive an array of blessings.

7 of Clubs: Represents feeling stagnant in a relationship, typically in regards to love

8 of Clubs: A person is confused, which can cause major hurdles in relationships if left unsolved

9 of Clubs:  A project, stage, or initiative has been completed

10 of Clubs:  Travel is on the horizon

Jack of Clubs: An honest and dependable person, possibly a friend

Queen of Clubs: A powerful and vivacious woman

King of Clubs: A man of integrity who is a generous and devoted friend


Spades reveal upcoming struggles one must resolve.

Ace of Spades: A time of major change – as one door closes, another one will open!

2 of Spades: A problematic situation or decision that may cause a rift between two people

3 of Spades: Indicative of tears, this tells of a reaction to a stressful situation involving bad news, indecision, anxiety, or upheaval

4 of Spades: Stability will soon return to one’s job or health. It’s always darkest before the dawn

5 of Spades:  Transition leading to new opportunities like a new job, a relocation, or a relationship

6 of Spades: Warning that fate will arrive and shake up your work, or your finances

7 of Spades: Loss of a friendship or key relationship due to a miscommunication or conflict

8 of Spades:  Work difficulties may soon create a crossroads that will require an important decision

9 of Spades:  Signals an approaching loss or ending, possibly the death of a loved one

10 of Spades: Denotes worry and grief caused by health problems, anxiety, or bad news

Jack of Spades: A negative person who might betray or prevent a person from success

Queen of Spades: A malicious woman who manipulates and causes chaos

King of Spades: An imposing man who may create extreme tension in a relationship

Practicing cartomancy using playing cards is a fun way to build your skills and enhance your abilities. Have fun with this take on Tarot reading.