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  1. Shasha is superb. She’s quick, she’s concise, she perceives the hidden nuances of people & situations, she’s got bulletproof integrity, and her feedback & counsel is very actionable. She’s also extremely personable and has a great sense of humor. She gave me just the things I needed to make a good decision in the slowly-developing relationship I’m in, and what she told me feels very right.

  2. very nice lady, she was very quick to pick up on my situation and she is very accurate with her statements on what type people were around me .well worth the money. i will call her again

  3. Thank you very much.

  4. Thank you Mystictopaz

  5. Crystalrose is fantastic. She has great advice and is a ray o sunshine.

  6. LoveKelly She is a straight shooter with information. The reading mirrored what my local trusted adviser has told me and she is always on the nose. I will definitely give LoveKelly a call back when it’s time for another reading. Thanks again!

  7. xoxo Jaclyn. You’re the best!! I finally got my answers.

  8. I love this lady…..One of the best on this site. Thanks

  9. Aldwyn thank you for the encouraging words.

  10. Thank you, PsychicKim1. You put my mind at peace. Your an amazing and caring person. I love you and trust you since I have been in touch with you. You say the things how they are and not what I want to hear. You have always been so kind to me and I thank you. I love you.

  11. MysticTOPAS;POWERFUL and ACCCURATE about the energies. She knew things I didn’t tell her, and she knew how to point out the facts with love and kindness to help me heal. She knew things!! Just amazing. Thank you for being there for me, Ladylight! God bless you! Will call soon. : )

  12. Gotta love my LoveTiffany!! 2000 stars!!

  13. “Thank you RainbowLove. Your my crying shoulder and when I need
    you you re there. Your an amazing person with a good
    heart. I really love your honesty and you make me feel very
    comfortable. I love you thank you.”

  14. Thank youPortia for assisting me with my spiritual journey.

  15. Two major predictions came to pass. Always a great help!thank you NativeSeer.

  16. Try Poncie!! U will never go wrong, very accurate!

  17. “GiftedMary’s empath skills are VERY quick, and for my current life conundrum, I got
    a very nice weather report about someone close to me that I don’t feel I can
    contact directly just now. GiftedMary is a treasure, and if you’re looking around for
    a sensitive to help you get under the surface of things, please give GiftedMary a try.
    I have benefitted enormously from her alacrity and accuracy as a reader, as
    well as her straightforward manner and her deep compassion.”

  18. Gifted and has a heart of gold. Thank you EmpressQueen.

  19. Marcus Flemming

    This woman is amazing. Thanks Bella. When I read your last sentence a light bulb went off and I said OOOOHH, now I get it. Thanks for helping me understand ME better, as well as the person of interest. You have no idea how much you’ve helped me.

  20. Didn’t take Bella long to pick up on my situation. Great reading!

  21. She is simply the best. She has become a trusted confidant as well as spiritual mentor to me. Her insights are always accurate and come to be. I save my chats and I go back through and see how things have unfolded exactly as she predicted. thank you so much kim!

  22. Bobbie Delos Santos

    “WOW. MamaSita had him nailed to an absolute T.
    I will be back when I have more funds and to let you know what happens!”

  23. Lucas knew some things that I had not mentioned to him. Picked up immediately on something that I had not thought about before. I will definitely be calling him again. He is wonderful.

  24. She was amazing as always. Thank you for all your advice I will let you know how it works out. She is amazing.

  25. Cira is amazing! Her ability to receive and give information in a loving & compassionate way is astounding. I will definitely call her back. She is my favorite advisor!

  26. Amazing reader, enjoyed our conversation very much….Aerial , you see things that others don’t and it all makes so much sense. thanks so much.

  27. Lucas, I love you. Worth every penny.

  28. Love her as always. gives me hope, teaches me, broadens my horizons.

  29. Really liked Beth..very comforting and straight to the point..thank u Beth

  30. MissTula’s On target once again. Thanks for doing what you do.

  31. Some of the things Victoria said really happened, for the others i have to wait a bit and see how it goes in 2019

  32. Okay, so you warned me about the pending storms and we might get cut off! I just hope all is well MissTula! Sending you lots of love and light! You’re the best.

  33. Thank you for continuing to give me the guidance to keep the faith. I know that time can change but your information and consistency always remains…Thank you so much!

  34. I loved this reading as well Catalina! I got very good and warm feedback and it definitely shed good light on love.

  35. OMG! You are amazing GiftedGeorge! I recorded this session and I was trying to confirm what others readers have told me, but your way was incredible and unique…I loved your reading! And I believe every word you said. There was not waste of time … I recommend you a 100% Still have goose bumps with your reading. THANKS!

  36. She is so caring and sweet. And was right on with things that are happening in my life. Made me feel at peace.

  37. Thanks for your insight and guidance. I would like to nullify some negative comments I made toward a former boyfriend. I do still love him. Thinking about him brings on mix feelings, one of which is anger because of how the situation was dealt with. All and all, an open mind and heart, as your prediction suggest, is the best path. Thank you again. I will keep you posted IntuitAlex!!!

  38. All I can say is wow. MamaSita took her time to pick up on my energy however once she tapped into it we were bang on. Thanks MamaSita will follow your advice and give you a call 2 weeks from now with an update! Xoxo

  39. Lucas, thank-you so much for being patient with me. I know I’ve been whiny and manic at times. This has been a very hard process but you have been with me the whole way. From not talking to her and you knowing I would. Then talking to her and her being wishy washy while she is going through her healing process. I know it is helping me to grow too. I can’t wait for the end result that should be happening this year. 🙂

  40. Highly recommend Serenity as an advisor!! She’s really good, give her a call!

  41. Highly recommend this advisor!! LadyLight is very accurate.

  42. Sarah was lovely and spot on. She helped me and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward. Thank you!!!

  43. Always love chatting with MsMichelle! The best! My time wasn’t waste!

  44. Reading was pretty detailed. Time will tell how accurate but I do appreciate the time and feedback INtuitAlex provided.

  45. Deanna, your good will of thoughts are missed here! Talking with you gives me a spirit of hope. Thank you!

  46. Always on spot. Robin is a real psychic and a friendly advocate for positive living. I love her!

  47. Awesome lady! Annmarie puts so much of her heart into each reading, it’s a truly rewarding experience!

  48. Winnifred Sullivan

    Great reading from an amazing psychic! Thank you Starangle!

  49. Alisha Steffanie

    Thank you for your insights and clear guidance Julia. I will keep you posted on how things pan out. Thanks again.

  50. Thank you for another good read Gigi! Thank you Gigi for being so helpful!

  51. I enjoy her the most, we have been talking since April, seems like I’ve known Serenity my whole life.

  52. Loved her. Ellen is so accurate and kind. She makes me feel comfortable and i am very pleased talking to her.

  53. Very full of information. Just takes off and tells it like it is. I believe Julia tapped in incredibly, especially this being the first time we talked. I like her style and will definitely call again. Julia is solid, true and very insightful and helped me understand intentions and thoughts and actions of “him.”

  54. MissTula settled my mind and let me know my future was in order. She was able to guide me to the right path to push my career forward. I will definitely be back!

  55. As always the best. She listens without judging. She gave me really good advice and the confidence to move forward in my situation.

  56. Bailey Nicholson

    She tuned in to my poi right away and was spot on. She was honest and did not sugar coat anything. Aside from that, she told me about what my father feels and thinks that made sense to me even if it didn’t to her. Thanks Solutions!

  57. I’ll give Serenity a 5 stars. She put me so at ease. We had such a nice talk. I fill so comfortable with her.

  58. Sita, you have a true connection with Spirit, right words, wise advice and a true honest person. Bless you, always and will connect back for sure.

  59. Kaiya Tomlinson

    Great reading, Emma answered all my questions and explained to me, Great!!!!

  60. Beth, I don’t know how to express what it means and meant to speak with you tonight. I know your hours and just kept putting it out there the hope that I would be able to connect with you. It happened. It could not have happened at a better time. Thank you for your honesty and concern for my well being when speaking about the hard hard topics surrounding addiction and the related behavior….

  61. Let me start by saying I have tried many advisors from this site including the most popular ones and wasn’t disappointed at all. However, Luci blew me away completely! Thank You Luci!!!

  62. Such a wonderful and beautiful lady. Sorry we got cut off but thank you for the insight. I will be calling you back soon Beth.

  63. Adrianna Wooton

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Robin. She is amazing to talk to and it’s always worth the money spent.

  64. Amazing, really good. I think when time passes I will update you on what is going on. Thank you for being so kind and straightforward with me Daniellia! Thank you!!!

  65. Great reading, Great experience from beth

  66. OMG! Serenity was so worth the 2 day wait lol!!! Tuned into my situation right away.

  67. Robin, you’re wonderful but I need to talk to you again! Thank you!!!

  68. Robin, it was great speaking with you. I will call you again soon.

  69. Alex, you are brilliant the most fantastic mystic psychic ever! You have answer all my question God Bless you, Alex.. You are simply amazing!

  70. Robin is my ballast, my anchor, the essence of truth, accuracy, wisdom and light. Invariably for me, there is not only answer and guidance that Robin provides, there is healing and rejuvenation.

  71. Beth is so accurate. She helped me a let through my darkest time and pull me back up.

  72. WOW! so much detail! And still remembers me from the last time we talked! And my situation on my job and this nasty person who need to leave. Zylisaa gave me a lot of hope and time frame when this person is supposed to be gone for good. Thank You!

  73. One of my favorites! It took a while to reach Robin, but I was very impressed with my reading. I will call again…

  74. You were right Liam! Whenever I start losing hope I remember your words, Thank you so much for keeping my spirits from drowning!

  75. Renee really is something else! I usually just like psychic readings and no astrology. But she is absolutely phenomenal. Her astrology readings are precise and very interesting in combination with her psychic abilities. Thank you Renee for bringing a better understanding of my future and emotions.

  76. It is always a pleasure reading with Zylisaa!! Her voice and manner always so calming, she picked up on a lot of things in a short time, really helped me today! Thank you my friend!!!

  77. LOVE HER. Vivian is such an amazing woman. I believe she truly cares about me and everyone who calls her. She truly wants people to be happy and uses her ability to help them in anyway.

  78. You’re so sweet, on the money and connected!!! Your patient, understanding and feel like family. Thank you so much Ruby.

  79. What a lovely woman! It was such a pleasant surprise to be able to speak to Sita today and she was so on point, crystal clear accuracy with such a soothing voice. Thank you for the quick support, very sorry for not being able to continue the conversation! Will follow my heart!!

  80. If you are trying to pick a psychic, then you should definitely pick Eduardo. He is the BEST and very accurate. He always remembers you and your conversation even though it had been 2 months since I spoke with him and you don’t have to wait long to talk to him either. She helps guide you to your answers and does NOT waste your time or money!!! Thank you for everything. God Bless You!

  81. Very good and positive reading with Vivian. She picked up things about the person I was asking about. Seemed connected to spirit. I would call again.

  82. Very comforting and in tuned to my spirit. The info is accurate and Alex is great with timelines. We will talk soon.

  83. A lovely reader, sound advice not just the fluff. Angelica told me that when the man in question comes back be cautious and take things very slowly.

  84. You know more about my life than i do. He is always right to the point and he’s non-judgemental. Thanks for being a friend.

  85. Melissa have listened to me countless times and always with a smile – if I could talk to you every day I would.

  86. He made it very clear to me that when things happen are never accurate as it fluctuates but he didn’t need to tell me that as I have known this a good majority of my life. This is why I gave Dom 5 stars: For his honesty, his clarity, his humor, his ability to connect with me and my POI, and most importantly his ability to help me understand even if the truth raw and real but still compassionate.

  87. Mia, sorry we got cut off but thank you for our short call. It was so nice to chat with you. Thanks for your advice Mia. I really needed that today:)

  88. Alfred Salvadore

    One of the best. Ruby is definitely worth the wait. She kept on the ground and doesnt give me false fantasy.

  89. Love u, Tula!!!! Thanks for you’re endless heart of love, hands for giving, ears of listening…. You’re a great empath, spiritual healer and incredible listener not too mention full of amazing psychic gift and wisdom… much love and light back to you tenfold!!!

  90. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sarah. Always reads the situation without any help from me. Caring and I will do exactly what you told me how to handle myself at our place of work. Xoxo

  91. Fantastic reading. Spot on. Kind and accurate. Just the truth with a reminder to trust your gut. And let go of the fear that is driving you right now to call a psychic. Ginnie will not disappoint you.

  92. Charlotte was spot on and very tuned in to my situation. I have talked to several and she is definitely my go to now!

  93. Words cannot express this lovely lady’s demeanor and compassion. Ruby gave me info that I didn’t provide to her. She is a very caring, compassionate and non-judgmental person. Looking forward to her predictions. Thank you Ruby!

  94. Always great to talk to Robin!! You are totally spot ON.

  95. Steven is the real thing!!! This is what a psychic should always be like or don’t claim to be!! He was extremely descriptive! Knew details of my life. With people, homes my profession, my friends by actual name! AMAZING..

  96. Serenity is fantastic, but that’s already a known fact. Personally, I just so appreciated her sincere kindness, care, and patience answering my numerous questions regarding the psychic process. She has this confident yet not arrogant way about her that only the top experts in any field can have. I felt like I could share information with her that I typically don’t share with other advisors. I trust her above everyone else. Also, I have no idea how she recalls so much information from our previous reading, but I was certainly impressed.

  97. Ginnie, I want to thank you for keeping me in your prayers. Ginnie is an amazing and uplifting advisor. She provides me with great insight and confidence.

  98. I am confident that you will manage to get me to destination safe Alex and sound regardless of the outcome. Thank you for your kind way of reading and I would definitely recommend you to others.

  99. You are the best Andy. Thank you so much for taking the time when I really needed it.

  100. Fantastic! I love Aurora, she has been consistent and very accurate!

  101. Very good. Zylisaa at once warms and strengthens my heart at every reading. There is a true friend–a gifted, blessed, loving friend I know I shall keep!

  102. As always you are right on. You are amazing. I’m waiting for another reading to put my mind at ease. Jade, I hope I get to talk soon.

  103. As I have said before, sharing time with you, my sweet Vivian is like being in Heaven. I cannot think of a more delightful person to share my thoughts and feelings with. And you, Vivian have such an uncanny way of knowing what is going on in my heart and the heart of others. You are my life long confidant and I know you are right regarding everything you see and feel. Thank you.

  104. Martha is the best on this site. She just knows and will not say what you want to hear but what her true guides tell her. Thank you for being true.

  105. Stella is always pleasant and a gifted human being. She nailed everything down and still sticks to her predictions. She knows exactly what the other person feels and thinks and knows what went on and what goes on.

  106. Superlative reading as always! The very best from Sita.

  107. Michael, you are like a tune up for my soul. I trust your insight and wisdom and I don’t know what I would do without you.

  108. Gloria Hairston

    Noel is such a blessing through the darkest times. She is the light guiding you through. If only I had more time to talk to you! Thank you Noel!!

  109. Lynnette Volkov

    Excellent reading with Ann. I will call again.

  110. Kristi Kaufmann

    Thank you so much Ginnie. I always feel so at peace after our conversations. You are awesome. God Bless You!

  111. Wow Shelly, just a genuinely good person. Very accurate and kind. Thank you Shelly, it was a pleasure speaking with you.

  112. OMG! Samantha is so amazing. Thank you so much, u are really amazing and real.

  113. Jason Roberson

    Reading with Sabrina is magical. Her style of reading is like opening a beautifully wrapped gift. Magical Sabrina!

  114. Jenn, you are encouraging and adorable. Pray for us! God bless.

  115. As always, Shelly is consistent with her readings. Very accurate and does not waste your money. Shelly is really and truly a gifted psychic. She knows exactly what is going on without me saying a word. Love you Shelly. Her timing is trillion stars accurate.

  116. Serenity’s a lovely reader, sound advice not just the fluff. She told me that when the man in question comes back be cautious and take things very slowly.

  117. Jennifer Young

    Wow, what an exciting day i am having!!! Sonia, you helped me in lifting my dying spirit. Thank you so much.

  118. Katherine, I’m going to follow your advice and text him at 3pm like you said. I’ll try my best to see if me and him can talk either on the phone or face to face. Just in case, I’ll call you tomorrow to see what options I have left.

  119. Thank you so very much mother Chynna! You are my spiritual mentor, mother, friend and guardian angel. Thank you for walking with me through thick and thin.

  120. Carolyn Svedarsky

    Katherine is 110% real. She picked up on my situation and my father. Sorry I got cut off Katherine, I didn’t hear the last part, but will call you back soon!

  121. Rebecca Schwartz

    Robin, glad I called back. Gifted is saying it mildly, she went to the root of the problem. Robin has giving me a better understanding of my journey. A very wise master of her craft indeed. Thank you for your wisdom & understanding, of course I will call back! If you have not had a reading with Robin, you are missing out on her knowledge & insight. Never a dull moment. Robin awakens your spiritual awareness & energy at a time when we all need all the help we can get, & empowers you to look at things differently. You might as well get in line, because I will indeed call back!! Sending you light, love, happiness, take care Robin until the next time!!

  122. Claire Fairbanks

    I need to talk to you again Katherine. I hope you are going to be on here this weekend. I think I am going to need your support!

  123. Thank you so much for being there as often as you are… Amanda, i really trust you.

  124. Thanks Katherine. You’re always great and always reassuring:)

  125. Wow, hats off to my angels! I love you Nancy and all my angels! You gave me so much happiness and inspiration.

  126. Ginnie, thank you so much for your insight.. I will call back.. I just ran out of funds…. I appreciate your gift :))

  127. This was my second call with Robin regarding an ex of mine. I called her sobbing, because of my ex and what she’s doing with her life. Robin was patient with me, reassured me that she would come back around to more positive things. She gave me a time line. I sure do hope she is correct. She also was able to pin my ex’s personality and even quoted something I said to the ex last night. “”bipolar”” yup. Crazy accurate!

  128. Jeannette Radzus

    She blew me away this time… Ginnie is very very accurate.

  129. Dee is one of my favorite advisors! What she says happens when she says it’s going to happen!

  130. Dee is great and her timelines are crazy accurate.

  131. Thank you for helping me gain more clarity. You truly have a gift! I appreciate your honesty and will follow the advice given.

  132. It’s always a blessing to talk to Katerena.

  133. All I can say is wow!! I have a hard time getting through to her due to my schedule, but when I do, I take full advantage of it. Dee, you are truly one of the best on here! I been reading with you for a while now, and you always remember everything in detail! I admire your ability and your amazing gifts you have.

  134. Worth the wait, awesome. You connect so well with me, and I’ve worn out my phone battery trying to get thru to you, and it was so worth it!! I will keep you updated. God bless you, Sita!

  135. You were so right. Very detailed information on what was going to happen and describing current people, issues going on with others and what is the best action to take. Robin was right on target with every issue consistently for the past year. Even when things didn’t seem like they were going to happen! Believe in what Robin tells you, and be patient, it will happen.

  136. Ashley’s always very informative. Definitely worth it.

  137. It was very enlightening conversation. Molly was right about my state of mind and her guidance were right on the path that I was thinking. I will definitely talk to Molly again. Right on.

  138. Jessica, looks like you were right again. He wants to spend as much time with me possible.

  139. Definitely a trusted guide! Aldwyn is trustworthy.

  140. I truly appreciate all of Jessica’s help. I will follow her advice and see what happens.

  141. Katherine, I truly appreciate all of her help. I will follow her advice and see what happens.

  142. You were right. Between 9-10, he called and texted. I was sleeping. Thank you again, Georgina.

  143. Ashley is always there for you. Feels into every aspect of a situation for what is best for both sides. Thank you.

  144. Thank You. She was very nice and so detailed in my reading. I love the extra tips Georgina gave me!

  145. Thank you Ginnie. Your support and non judgment really helped me. There were things brought to light that I suspected, I was affirmed that I deserve to be happy and no matter my choice, it’s gonna be ok. Many blessings!

  146. First time caller. Eva was very much in tune to my situation. Looking forward to the events unfolding as described.

  147. Krystal was amazing! She helped me get closure with my aunt and grandma passing. Thank you.

  148. I was pretty skeptic when I called but boy Alexis was pretty spot on and she was very nice. I will definitely call Alexis again.

  149. Maya has been extremely helpful in dealing with my father’s loss. Her words of wisdom has helped my family coped with a terrible loss. She gives you options of how you should handle your situation. Very wise and straight forward woman. Looking for a good advisor look no further, she is the one.

  150. Maya’s the real deal. She connected to my person of interest and I easily and she had a good feel for what was going on. I wish I didn’t run out of time so I could hear the end on what she was recommending I do, but it did help to receive clarity on our current situation. I really needed some answers and I received confirmation of some things.

  151. Mia helped contact the love of my life. Thank you.

  152. I feel she honed in on my question very well. I will call her again, I would recommend giving Iris a call.

  153. All I gotta say is WOW! She was awesome and picked up on things without me saying anything at all. Maya’s the real deal. 🙂

  154. Troy is very consistent. So far things are happening the way he keeps seeing it. He picks up on connections quickly. You don’t feel he wastes time.

  155. Freyalana is always on point. I’ve been reading with her for years about different poi and she always gets what they are feeling.

  156. I had an amazing reading with Ginnie! She was right on the nail!! I loved it!

  157. Robin is caring and wonderful. I will definitely be calling her again.

  158. Carol was fast, accurate and did a great job with answering my few questions!

  159. Maya is so good. Her honesty and kindness is what makes her special. Accurate reading.

  160. Luke is simply amazing, 100% accurate and consistent.

  161. Thank you for the help, Sam. You removed the doubt in my heart.

  162. Debra has been very consistent with what she’s been telling me every time I call her. She can tell you how your poi is feeling and thinking. She’s my go to reader.

  163. He was accurate. Ran out of funds. Thank you for your insights, Troy.

  164. Criselda Murova

    Have been reading with Carol for about a year now and never once has she disappointed me. She makes an instant connection and reads my guy with the utmost honesty and relays the info in a most genuine, comforting and supportive way.

  165. Tula is truly what it says she is. She can read the people I ask her about on point. When I need to know what’s happening at that moment with my other half and why she is on it. She will tell like it is like a tough sister and the truth may hurt but that’s why she’s there so no questions linger. I love Tula for that. Honesty that’s her.

  166. Thomas is so good at picking up on a person and their thoughts. He blew me away with his accuracy on this call it was the exact same as what the person had said days before. WoW!

  167. Michelle Logan

    I just love talking to Ginnie. She doesn’t sugar coat. She is truly a gifted person. Thanks for everything, Ginnie.

  168. Stacey Marsden

    For me, this is the best and most accurate that I have read with in the past few years! Aurora is honest, accurate and has a true psychic vision of people and situations. Excellent!

  169. Thank you Shanti as always. You’re very truthful.

  170. Angelique Sepeda

    It was my first time talking to Shanti. Shanti went above and beyond my expectations. I asked her to give me insights on certain areas. She picked up a lot of information from her guide. She interpreted the information in a very clear and precise manner.

  171. Always accurate and Jamaine gets right to the point.

  172. Michelle Peters

    Thank you Denise for always being honest. You have been so accurate with feelings and I enjoy speaking with you every time. You are the best.

  173. I’ve talked to a lot of psychics and most of them are so general in terms their reading. I rarely write reviews but I called Robin last night and I’m impressed. I can truly say that Robin has been mostly accurate and very specific in describing the persons feelings and what is really going on.

  174. Serena picked up on the person I was asking about right away. She got right to the point and picked up on many of his traits with ease. I hope what she told me comes to pass.

  175. Camille is the best. I always call her when I want to know something. She is very accurate and her predictions are on point.

  176. Debra, thank you for helping me out during a time of great impatience! It came through exactly as you said! Thank you so much!

  177. Ginnie was right about the person in question. She knew he had self-esteem issues.

  178. Good reading. Thank you, Will. You really helped me a lot.

  179. Anna’s always great when you need to know what someone is thinking. She is simply amazing.

  180. Zylisaa, thank you so much. Your reading gave me so much enlightenment.

  181. Thank you so much for your help, Dominique. You confirmed my thoughts and helped me decide to close the door and move on with my life. He does not deserve any more of my thoughts and energy. I’m free!!!

  182. Always right! What can I say, you will not be disappointed with Richard. He is honest and does his very best to get all the info you need. Best reader on the site!

  183. OMG! I was blown away with Shana’s style and information that no one else got, will call again!

  184. Freaky that she knew too much information for me to doubt her. Joy is the “real” deal! Give this gifted advisor a try. She is awesome!

  185. Maya has been my go to for a while I have read with her several times and she always has been very accurate. Her predications don’t change. I love her reading style, she is able to speak through the person you are asking about. Thank you so much Maya!

  186. Amazing reading… Emily connected immediately. Please give her a call, you won’t be sorry!

  187. Thanks Ginnie! You are the best advisor here. Talk to you soon, Ginnie!

  188. Thank you Michele for the short but great reading. You had the answer from him before I finished the question! Will call back for more information. Thank you again!

  189. Carol’s readings are so unique. She can speak to the spirit of the person in question live or dead. She has a definite gift. She speaks clearly.

  190. She is amazing and you have to have a reading to understand. Robin is an empath who speaks on behalf of people whose thoughts/feelings you are interested in knowing. Robin’s so accurate.

  191. Ginnie was so wonderful. I was having a very hard time and she was patient, completely non-judgmental and followed up with a very caring note which really spoke to my weary heart. I can’t thank you enough, Ginnie.

  192. She tuned into the basics of an issue for me and was able to clearly add info and understanding for me.

  193. Always very helpful. She’s direct and honest. She has significantly helped me with a situation that started 1 1/2 years ago. She’s lovely to speak to.

  194. Dorothy Zuchowski

    Thank you once again for sharing your gift. Maya, I will call you back.

  195. Thank you Samara for really tuning into the situation. You are God-given.

  196. Awesome as usual. You are so gifted. Thank you, Katerena!

  197. Shana is absolutely fantastic. I felt a real connection with her. She was very accurate and provided me insight that I needed to obtain.

  198. She is honest good or bad but has a gentle delivery. She is accurate with her information. Read with her and see! Thanks Sophie!

  199. Sable is absolutely amazing! She knows it’s me everytime and has really connected herself to my situation. She’s always spot on and so easy to talk too.

  200. Wanted to wait to write this. Patricia was right about whatever was predicted which was a second major time for her when talking to her. Patricia’s gifted and super kind and patient. Love talking to her!

  201. Only spent 4 minutes and she answered everything. Ginnie is an instant favorite.

  202. Nina ended up being really correct about a prior situation when I doubted her connection as it conflicted with other readers. She’s also super nice and caring with her follow up messages.

  203. Dominique is so warm to talk with. She’s very open and welcoming.

  204. I just had my first psychic reading with Sable. She was spot on about everything and it was like she was literally feeling and seeing what I had gone through in my relationship. I would definitely book with her again. Thanks Sable.

  205. Tula was extremely accurate, even receiving the initials of parties involved. I highly recommend getting a reading from this lovely soul.

  206. So delightful and straightforward, tells you exactly what she sees and gently guides you. Felt very connected and could have chatted with her all evening. Aurora just knows a lot.

  207. Amber was very kind and understanding of my situation. She provided clarity for things I am currently experiencing.

  208. Zen was very nice and explained things to me. She picked up on a lot of things.

  209. First time calling. Mimi picked up on my POI and we were both perplexed with the behavior. Will call again.

  210. Loved my reading with AnneMarie! She was spot on about my person of interest! She was super nice and helpful! I look forward to calling her again, and you should too!

  211. I have been working with Nina for six months now and she is fantastic to talk with because she is honest and straight forward with her readings. I will continue to talk with Nina, her guidance has been so helpful with my healing journey.

  212. Exceptional. I love Thomas. He knows everything.

  213. Very helpful and Stella’s energy was spot on. This woman is amazingly accurate.

  214. I felt she was a very kind and compassionate advisor. The spiritual connection is unmatched. Michele’s really great and she’s genuine.

  215. Annabelle’s very insightful with the reading and she gives excellent advice.

  216. Amazing!! Knew something that he could have never known and he’s fast. I will definitely call Luke again!

  217. Donna Pietrantozzi

    She is compassionate and she gave me timelines of what may happen. He reassured me that I was enough. Hearing that empowered me and gave me back the confidence I needed.

  218. She’s the best. Tula is very honest and wont sugarcoat anything. I will call back again.

  219. Pamela Englishman

    Gia, thank you so much for guiding me in the right direction. I am so hopeful now, I started to cry after we hung up. It has been a very difficult journey for me. You are the best advisor I have ever spoken to.

  220. Astoundingly amazing. The connection that we had was on a very high level. My reading was beyond anything I had ever had. So compassionate and gentle, she put me at ease immediately.

  221. Always good! Carol is one of the few that I really trust. Give her a call. She’s worth it.

  222. Katherine is a saint. What she and her guides predict always come true. In all the thousands of readings that I had, she seems to be incredibly accurate. So I will await my dreams to come true this summer.

  223. Angelica Schwab

    Thanks for finishing up yesterday’s excellent reading today. Abigail has a way of describing and verbalizing feelings and situations like I’ve never experienced before. Thank you.

  224. I have to say Matt is good and he is probably one of the best in-tuned people I know. Thanks for being there this week.

  225. Abigail is so sweet and I am so impressed she described my situation and my ex with so much detail. She predicted a few things. I will not speak to anyone else! She is from now on my go to girl!

  226. Elizabeth is one of great psychics. She names dates, events, and persons without any prompting. She can give you the outcome and guidance on how to face your challenges. You have helped me so much, I love you!

  227. I am a repeat caller because we connect and I believe Lila is gifted.

  228. Ulysses Donnelle

    I just wish we could keep talking! Cecilia was awesome! She picked up on a lot and didn’t sugarcoat things.

  229. Anita Banerjee

    Ginnie is one of my favorites. Very caring! Will report back if predictions come to pass like before.

  230. If you are trying to pick a psychic, then you should definitely pick Robin. She is the best and very accurate. She always remembers you and your conversation even though it had been 2 months since I spoke with her, and you don’t have to wait long to talk to her either.

  231. I always have a great connection with Ella. She knows exactly what is going on. Thank you and will keep in touch.

  232. I’ve pushed myself to find answers that could explain the difficult situation that I am in. Irene was the only one able to put my mind at ease. I felt an immense peace and sense that things will be better. She’s the kindest and most positive person I’ve talked to. I believe that I was meant to speak to her. Thank you for your loving words so much.

  233. Brenda Coleman

    Sita is the absolute best! I will definitely choose her again and again. She is so personable. I felt like I knew her for years. She gave me great advice and was so great with her reading.

  234. Tina, it’s always an amazing journey to have a reading with you. You always give me peace of mind with the good readings. You have my respect. Thank you.

  235. Bellinda Greene

    Antonia, you are absolutely the best. I love your on-point reading.

  236. You made me happy, Amber! You provided enlightenment and that made me feel lighter and calmer.

  237. Thank you so much for everything, Katerena! You really are the best. and I’m always happy when I get through right away. Keep me in your prayers please.

  238. Richard Malinowski

    Completely correct! Natalie is my second favorite after Robin!

  239. Marie, Tori is behaving at the moment like you predicted 2 weeks ago. Thank you! So far, she’s staying at my house and seems like the energy is lighter right now. Thanks again.

  240. Ella is always completely accurate with my readings and she is the only advisor on this site that I trust completely. Everything in my last reading 2 weeks ago that she told me was going to happen did happen with the exact timing that Ella predicted. Thank you so much!

  241. She totally understood my situation and right down to how the kids feel. Serenity is wonderful! I hope the rest of what she said continues to come true.

  242. Tula, you have been so instrumental in all my readings and can’t thank you enough for your gifts you share with me. You have advised me and all has come to pass. Talk to you soon!

  243. Shirley is wonderfully accurate, fast and honest. I will call her again.

  244. Leigh, you are like an angel on earth to me! You never cease to amaze me with your accuracy and you are my direct connection to the divine realm! You are simply amazing! Thank you for always being there for me!

  245. I’ve been wanting to speak to Robin for some weeks and tried calling her just as her shift started this morning and was amazed that I got through. She was very nice, open and calm and as lovely as people on here say she is. I asked her about my question and she, like most of the other advisors confirmed she was not seeing my most feared outcome and that things would improve. She picked up well on the situation. Interestingly, although I had told her nothing about myself, she saw a glowing book and asked if I would be writing a book and I confirmed that I am supposed to be writing a book in the future. She said the book will be a big success. This was very encouraging because I have been struggling a lot with my writing.

  246. Great reading as always! He’s non judgmental and very straightforward. I will call him back.

  247. In the past, her predictions have materialized and you don’t have to give her any information. It was a great reading as always. I look forward to speaking with her in the near future.

  248. We all love Ella! She is truly and genuinely the greatest and the sweetest psychic here! If you’re looking for truth, accuracy and a breathtaking experience then give her a call.

  249. Tula is consistently correct. I love her for being spot on and straightforward!

  250. You were right, Amber! Thank you for guiding me through this obstacle that I’m going through.

  251. What can I say. Stephanie is nice, compassionate, honest and is clear with her answers. Predictions have all happened just how she said it would.

  252. Thank you Jason. You are so connected. You can tell me verbatim what my friend will tell me later! I appreciate your wisdom and kindness.

  253. The reading was great. Am praying what Fran said will come true. Will have to wait a while.

  254. Thank you, Ginnie. Sorry we got cut off… I will let you know how it all goes. Thank you for tuning right into my situation and gave me quick answers.

  255. You were right about “him” driving that car because I realized later it was his car after all! He just has it sitting out instead of in the garage! No wonder you didn’t “get anything” on it since it was his! I was worried for nothing!!

  256. Thank you so much for helping me out with your abilities, Tammy. I would definitely never forget the conversations and all that happened as we spoke. I am very very grateful to have you on the phone and I will definitely be calling you again. You are the greatest.

  257. She was thorough, and took her time but without wasting time. Also, she was so spot on about one detail that she couldn’t have known otherwise that it was almost eerie! Highly recommended!

  258. Ronnie, thank you very much for sharing your exceptional psychic abilities that help make our lives so much better with the knowledge that is given to us. You are a very special lady whom I admire.

  259. Ginnie, you’re a very gifted and accurate advisor. I appreciate all that you have helped me with. Thank you and God Bless you.

  260. It’s always good talking to you, Kayla… Your readings really touched me deep down. Thank you so much and I’ll talk to you soon again.

  261. Ella is my soul angel. She really tuned-in to me and my POI. Will reach out again.

  262. Having a reading with Stacy is always a pleasure. Thank you for being so helpful.

  263. Extremely understanding and accurate. Samara will be my go to person if I’m ever overthinking.

  264. Ginnie is compassionate, sweet, super intelligent, patient, very funny and amazingly accurate. Reading with her is pure love and joy. Much love to you, Ginnie!

  265. Madeline’s uncanny ability to tap into the feelings and thoughts of others never ceases to amaze me. She always puts things into a much needed perspective for me. She instantly connects and delivers both the good and bad with kindness and sensitivity. Madeline’s patience is never ending and greatly appreciated!

  266. Molly is very confident in her readings and has always been consistent. She has always been spot on. Let’s hope it continues because I like the prediction.

  267. Thank you so much, Sita. I always feel so good talking to you. You keep my hope and I really appreciate your patience. Thank you.

  268. Everything Arjun says comes to pass. You should give it a try to have a reading with him.

  269. Sita is absolutely amazing! I’ve been reading with her for several months and things she predicted in the very beginning have started to unfold! I am able to get a head start in my situation and I’m beyond grateful to have Sita’s blessings!

  270. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you, Serenity. You have confirmed that what I’m feeling is real and not imagined. I can’t wait for your predictions to come about.

  271. Robin is genuine with readings. She’s highly intuitively and an excellent source to trust. If I could fly to see her in person I would definitely attend with the standing ovation!

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