Reversed Justice Tarot Card Meaning

Justice Tarot Card

The Justice tarot card symbolizes truth, fairness, and law. The scales in her left hand show how intuition should balance logic. She indicates impartiality with the double-edged sword in her right hand. Mind clarity required to dispense justice are symbolized by the square on the crown she wears. Her tip of a white shoe is a spiritual reminder that what she delivers are the outcomes of their actions.

Reversed Justice Meanings

You live in denial

A reversed Justice tarot card indicates various meanings. One meaning is to show you are living in denial. You know you’ve done something wrong. Others may not see it yet, so you have a choice whether to hide it and hope no-one finds out, or you can admit it and take focused action to resolve the situation. Another meaning, you are not willing to accept the consequences of your actions. You are ignoring your guilt. However, your future depends on your today’s actions.

You are unwilling to See the Truth

You are hiding something and you are lying to yourself and to other people, but a reversed justice tarot can see through your dishonesty and feeling of guilt. You don’t want to take responsibility of your actions, and you are unwilling to tell the truth. But you harm yourself. You are missing a great opportunity to understand yourself. Now, it’s time to be responsible for what you have done in the past before you continue to make further mistakes. Face it and see the truth!

Having a hard time

The life gave you a hard path to follow and you struggle to move on, even if you have done your best. If this describes your current situation, then the reversed justice is trying to tell you to wait and be patient because this is the right path for you and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it’s a bit challenging now, but there is a reason why this path was chosen for you. You will take some time to understand the reason for what you are going through.

Financial situation

If the justice card appears reversed, then it may be a sign that you don’t spend your mind wisely and you need to be more cautious with your money. If you are seeking an answer about your financial situation, then you need to be more patient. It will take you some time to find an answer to your question.

Stop criticizing

Sometime the reversed justice Tarot card is trying to tell you to be less judging. Stop criticizing people around you. Stop criticizing yourself and spending a long time worrying about whether you have taken the right action or not. Stop and start enjoying the situation and the world around you. Don’t think too much.

Using you for their own benefits

The reversed justice Tarot card may be trying to tell you that you have been taking advantage of. Someone has used you for his/her own benefit. However, you can’t change anything about it now. But, you still have a chance to learn your lesson and to make sure that you won’t go through the same situation again.

Let go of your fears

The justice Tarot card is trying to tell you to stop worrying about everything, to slow down, to set aside a designated “worry time.”, even if you are going through a hard time and remember that your worrying is not accomplishing anything. Turn your worries into positive energy. Keep your hands busy and make time for meditation.

Reassess your relationship

Your partner has treated you unfairly. But did you take the time to think about your role or responsibility for your relationship’s difficulties. Take your time and effort to make your relationship work. Don’t always blame your partner. You have a role to play too.

Find yourself before you find love

You believe that it’s time to settle down and to commit to a serious romantic relationship, and the reversed justice card is saying (not yet). You need to find yourself first and to be a stronger individual to face life. Long term relationships require a lot of work.

Workplace unfair treatment

The Justice reversed card may refer to Workplace Injustice. You feel that you have been treated unfairly at work. You are being blamed for others’ mistakes. Slow down and take your time to reassess your situation. Does your work affect your work-life balance and consumes you? If so, you need to make change to restore your life balance and happiness. Talk to someone you trust and take the necessary action accordingly. Find your dream job and enjoy doing it.

Moderation is your ticket to your long-term success

The reversed justice card is reminding you that you need to gain your life balance and live the moment. Try to maintain balance between different aspects of your life to live healthier. Stop sacrificing and focus on moderation because moderation is the key to balanced and happy life.

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