Types of Cards for Readings

Types of Cards for Readings

It is our nature to wonder how the world works as human beings.  We want to know where we have been, where we are, and where we will end up.  So our past lives and future are fascinating topics for us to ponder.

One of the ways we discover where we are is by using cards.  The use of cards isn’t new. Using cards is very popular and has been in many cultures for centuries.

There are three types of cards; the Tarot, the angel, and the oracle.  Of course, these cards are not the same, but how are they different?

Angel Cards

If you have ever experienced a life-changing event that you feel came from nowhere, angel cards are a good choice. By simply acknowledging that you are not alone on your life journey, you will be able to connect with the angel cards as they help you find the answers to your questions by delivering positive messages as you become aware of your spirituality.  In addition, these cards can help you with your relationships and your careers, and your finances.   Most people chose angel cards as the first step towards guidance through the use of cards. These are often considered the most positive and easiest cards to begin with when starting to read.

Oracle Cards

These cards are good for divination and revealing storytelling.  They are also used for astrological and spiritual guidance. These cards are a form of Tarot cards with a subtle difference that gives the user more control.  These cards give readings that are less restricted from other readings.  These cards do not have guidelines or rules. Receiving oracle card readings can vary greatly from person to person, but can be useful for personal use.

Tarot Cards

These cards are the most common of all. Tarot readings have been around for a very long time.  The cards have well-drawn pictures and tell a story. They follow a specific structure and will reflect the answers that the user seeks. Tarot cards tend to come with a guide and the more often these cards are used, the more accurate readings can become for yourself and others.

If you want to have your cards read, any of these is a strong choice.  They will guide you towards the answers you need and help you focus on your intuition.