10 Tips on Getting the A Tarot Card Deck

main.4.gifThe tarot deck is a psychic tool that has been mostly used in the psychic industry. The symbolism of the Tarot can provide an insight into the events and feelings in your life, guidance when we need to make decisions; not answers, but another perspective on your situation. The art of Tarot divination is a way of using your intuition to gain a better understanding of not only your life, emotions and feelings, but also those of others who are important in your life.

Through simple and easy steps, you can become a professional tarot reader. The first part of the process, however, is to select a respective deck that will guide you along the way.

Artwork is essential

The visual part plays an important factor in tarot card reading. A tarot card with a rich artwork can help you decipher any readings you have with your subject. Intricacy in a tarot deck means that more symbols and images can be extracted, thus giving you more chances to create readings accurately. It is also helpful to choose a tarot deck with many pictures and figures since they can offer new insights for every reading.

Look for genuine decks

Tarot deck manufacturers all over the world have been applying cost-cutting measures by reducing the numbers of the cards or the amount of details. Before purchasing one, keep in mind that a deck has 4 suits and 78 cards. Genuineness is required to make sure that your tarot readings are more accurate. By using non-genuine cards, you may have different results. Always do your research before purchasing the first tarot deck that you see.

images (20)Do not use novelty decks

Many novelty tarot decks have appeared throughout the years. The purpose of these decks is to induce fun in parties—they are not meant for serious psychic scrying. While vivid in detail, a novelty deck’s theme may affect the overall tarot reading potential. Simply put, it can create mixed signals, making the reading process harder.

Be picky with custom decks

Some manufacturers are offering custom tarot deck creation services. You can control the designs imprinted on the cards as well as the related pictures. As long as you do not tamper with the genuineness of the deck, this is acceptable. However, you must be picky with custom decks. Try your best to become objective in the design schemes as much as possible.

Text-heavy decks for beginners

Tarot cards for beginners have detailed texts to accompany the reading process. The texts can guide you in uncovering more information from the cards. As you become more skilled in tarot reading, you can go for decks with little texts and have clear emphasis on imagery instead.

Think of your clients

In professional tarot reading, impressions can make or break you. Remember that some clients may be overly sensitive regarding the appearance of your tarot deck. Choose a grisly one and they will have bad vibes. To resolve this, you can choose a deck that has basic appearance. The Ryder-White deck is a popular deck that you can use.

Be wary about hand-me-downs

A bequeathed tarot deck can jumpstart your career in psychic reading, and you do not need to spend dollars on buying a new one. While this is a cost-effective method, you must think about the person bequeathing the deck to you. Is he a negative person or a joyous one? What do you know about his personality? Remember that a tarot card is coated in vibes, which can be negative or positive. The user leaves a certain energy imprint on the deck. As rule of thumb, do not use tarot decks from negative people.

Take your time

Pay a visit to your local psychic shop. Once you ask around, the proprietor will give you a collection of the store’s exclusive tarot decks. Instead of thinking about the outcome of your first reading, focus on the tarot decks. Which deck appeals to you most? Which one projects a negative energy that you must avoid? Doing this requires your utmost concentration.

images (21)Feel the vibes

Your intuition will play an important factor in choosing your first tarot deck. Once the deck has appealed to you in all angles possible, choose it. Make it yours and coat it with your personal energy. Later on, you will discover that this connection can affect all of your readings.

A blessed tarot deck is optional

Some famous psychics are selling tarot decks. Before purchasing one, it is essential to have the tarot deck blessed. In this way, the deck will be filled with positive energies that can guide all of your reading sessions.

By following these simple steps, it is now possible to find the tarot deck that is most compatible to you. After getting it, start practicing right away so you can delve into the mystical and interesting world of tarot reading.

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