11 Ways to Know If You Have a Deep Energy

11 Ways to Know If You Have a Deep Energy

Some go through life without really questioning anything and others who see everything as a big unknown. Some seem to be lured to and attract the supernational while others just walk through life only dealing with the concrete. It may be that you are born with an innate desire for spiritual energy. This is the type of energy that was prevalent in prophets, mediums, psychics, Druids, and even witches.

Here are 11 ways to know you have deep spiritual energy:

  1. You are attracted to “magic” or even believe in it.

Television shows like “Bewitched,” and movies “Practical Magic” and even “Matilda” are some of your favorites. You also like to read books on the paranormal and want to believe that there is something beyond this world we don’t understand.

  1. Animals love you.

Animals have a special way of detecting those with spiritual energies and will be attracted to those people. You also love animals and can sense their personality. You can almost read their minds and have empathy toward them. It feels deep when you make eye contact with them.

  1. You are called to heal.

You attract those who need help. People come to you asking advice, in times of need or when they need some form of help. They walk away encouraged after talking to you. You empathize with them and can rejoice with them too. You are easy to talk to and have the urge to put your hands on people for them to absorb your healing energies.

  1. You have inner wisdom.

You are called an “old soul” because you seem to have all the answers. It is more than educated knowledge though. It is wisdom that seems to come from deep within. You don’t even know how to gain this knowledge. It just has already been there.

  1. You are outside social circles.

People may call you a lone wolf or even an outcast. You have friends but never have felt like you are a part of a group. You have never felt comfortable in a typical societal structure and prefer to go it alone. You just have always felt different, like there was something special about you that others wouldn’t understand.

  1. You are interested in earth energies.

You like to study things like crystals, rocks, stones, and other things of nature. You even collected these items before you knew what all they could do. You find them intriguing and seem to know they have certain energies. You love plants and flowers and always notice them even when they are small. You may even cleanse your home with sage.

  1. You have magnetism.

People are naturally drawn to you. You seem to slide through conversations and always seem to come away with people doing whatever you ask. You get compliments and receive the most comments about your eyes. That’s because there is something deep behind them that instantly draws others to you.

  1. You love storms.

While most people fear or simply endure storms, you find them thrilling. They seem to bring out untapped energy within you. You love sensing the energy produced by nature.

  1. You have incredible intuition.

If there was a superpower, this one is yours. You can instantly feel energies around you and understand them. You don’t need anyone to explain it to you. You can simply spend a few moments with someone to gauge their true intentions. This can intimidate people and cause an adverse reaction. They also feel it tenfold when you disapprove, dislike, or insult them. You can figure out deception and personalities and you know when people are full of lies.

  1. You see nature as a cathedral.

You love being in nature and feel a sense of spiritual energy when you are in the woods or by water. You love everything about nature, the smells, the colors, and the seasons. It all makes you feel happy and at peace.

  1. You are highly fascinated by the moon. You are drawn to it and watching it seems to recharge your spirit. You also notice differences in moods and actions during the different moon phases. You are inspired to start new projects or may see your life turn upside down during a full moon. A waning moon helps you let go of things like relationships and past hurts.

Understanding that you have these different unique aspects helps you see the spirit that is within you and understand what you need to do to continue on your life path.

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