6 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

6 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

If you have been feeling off recently, perhaps it’s time to balance your chakras.

Below we have listed 6 methods that can help you start feeling like the best version of yourself:

  1. Color Therapy

Tap into your intuition to select colors you incorporate more into your life.  Each chakra has an energetic vibration that aligns with a particular color.  For example, if you are feeling cast adrift your root chakra might be off kilter.  Consider mindfully incorporating the color red into your wardrobe for the week.

  1. Alter Your Diet

If you have a particular chakra you would like to improve, consider ingesting food that share that color.  If you want to strengthen your root chakra, consider planning meals around salads that you can include red vegetables or fruits such as tomatoes, radishes, apples, cranberries, cherries, red peppers, and beets.

  1. Tune In

Sound also has frequencies that resonate with each chakra.  The energy centers align with the following musical notes:

Root = C, Sacral = D, Solar Plexus = E, Heart = F, Throat = G, Third Eye = A, Crown = B.

Classical music is especially beneficial for retuning your energy centers.

  1. Get Toned

You can balance your chakras by using vocal tones to stimulate each energy center.  Begin by placing both your hand on above the misaligned chakra.  Next, produce your deepest possible tone and gradually increase in pitch.  Your intuition will guide you to the best pitch for you, and you should notice the center feeling lighter in response to the ideal tone.  Mindfully use this tone throughout your day and week ahead until you feel more balanced overall.

  1. Essential Oils

Essential oils also resonated a set frequency and can be helpful tools to balance chakras.  You can choose to either apply it directly your skin (with the help of a carrier oil), or inhaling the aromas.

  1. Visualize Balance

One of the most powerful tools is visualization.  When you meditate, see the energy rising up through the core of the earth.  Allow this energy to cleanse and circulate throughout your chakras and hum in alignment with the corresponding colors, sounds and frequency for each energy point.