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Can Tarot Time Reading Help Us Live In The Moment Happily?

 Are you living i the fast lane? Can you still appreciate every little things around? Have you ever stopped and taken time to sit back and appreciate the moment as it is now? This is one moment that we have and have been guaranteed. The magic of it cannot be underestimated, because how we use it will open the possibilities for the moments to follow.

How time controls us

Throughout our life we are obsessed with time. We are planning ahead, remembering what was, regretting what could have been and wondering if something ever will be. Very rarely do we stop in our tracks and just be thankful for the now. Stopping for a moment in your day and just looking at what is happening around you at that particular moment in time. How beautiful this moment is, how precious this moment is. It will be fleeting; it is temporary and will never come again. Soon it will be the past, and a memory. Will it be a memory of regret? Or will it be a moment that brings a smile to your face on a busy day. The choice is yours.

Time waits for no Man

Our whole journey through life is very fleeting. It doesn’t matter how many years we are here for, 10 or 100, it is quick, and there is a lot to take in and a lot to do. By taking the moment, you get the chance to perhaps notice something that although may be unimportant now, one day it will be the memory that will bring you right back to the place and time and the moment. Along with all the smells and sights that surrounded it. The moment is a very powerful thing. We select main events in our lives such as birthdays and celebrations but rarely can remember it in specific detail. Stopping and focusing on even one moment of the evening of a big celebration and observing without interacting could create the memory that makes the difference. The one that will bring you back to the now.

Music and the moment

We all have that favourite song which we love to listen to. Every time we listen to it we remember the words and the melody just as it was when you first heard and liked it. You stopped and paid attention to it, and that is why you can still travel back to the very spot when you first heard it. The song made the moment special, the song became the link to that moment in time, a link you only need to think about to be drawn right back and feel just what you felt back then. You will remember if it was sunny or raining, if you were sick or well. Sometimes what you were wearing at the time you heard the song for the first time.

Traveling back in time

By stopping and appreciating the moment you somehow make it last forever and so possibly steal a little more time. I remember many years ago visiting an old 10th century remains of a church on an Island of the Coast of Ireland just outside Dublin. I stopped to look at the detail of the building, remembering the time it was built and what materials would have been available for the builders to use. The one thing that caught my eye was the door hinge. Now a very rusty metal bar, it once played a very vital role for the people who used the church, in welcoming them in and keeping both the weather and attackers out. But of all the things I remember thinking of the man who made it. The blacksmith in the forge on the day he created this thing which many hundreds of years and generations down the line, I was now looking at today. He and I will never meet and our worlds are lifetimes apart. But for that moment, I connected with his moment back in the 10th century on that day. I wondered was it raining that day. Was it cold? Was he hungry? Did he have family on the mainland? And if so, do I now know them, his descendants?

Tarot helping is to make the most of time.

The beauty off time is that it gives us a chance to alter things. Although the moment is brief and our decisions must be quick. This means we don’t always make the best decisions to help us deal with the things that we may see coming at us. When we get a psychic tarot reading, it helps us to look at things with a clearer vision, and lay out the groundwork before it lands on us as the moment. The now is precious and with the help of a psychic reader you can make the most of it, and in doing so carve a smoother road head. Sometimes we get blinded by the problems and it prevents us from seeing the answer that could be sitting right in front of us. The value of preparation cannot be underestimated.

The moment is a magic thing, but it slips by quickly, never to be seen again only in the memories of our minds and in those silent moments when we let our mind take control and allow it to sail away into the moments past  without restraint. We are gifted that we can do this. But nothing will replace the power of the now and what it is capable off.

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