Cleansing Your Angel and Tarot Decks

Cleansing Your Angel and Tarot Decks

For those that have just started exploring the world of tarot or angel cards, some decks will be close to your heart, drawing you to them, but there may come a time in which you feel disconnected and suddenly unbonded. If you have begun receiving inaccurate readings or feel a lack of connection, then your cards probably need cleansing. This is because energy can stagnate over time as it is absorbed.

When to Cleanse

Though there are many times when a deck may need cleansing, listed below are some of the most common times.

  • When feeling disconnected from the deck
  • When something is spilled on the deck or someone else touches them
  • When readings are not as accurate as they previously were
  • When you bought a second-hand deck that may have been touched by dirty hands
  • If the cards have fallen on the floor
  • If the cards have remained unused for a long period of time
  • If you have done a reading for a client who was negative

How to Cleanse

There are different methods for cleansing a deck and people choose their own for a variety of reasons. Below are six methods that are common.

  • Reiki – To use Reiki, draw the power symbol of CKR on your palms. Spread the cards neatly and draw a CKR on them as well. For 10 seconds, rub your palms and then stack the cards, touching each one. As you hold the entire deck between your palms, give Reiki the needed intention so stagnant and negative energy can be drawn out. Finally, draw SHK so you may reconnect with your deck.
  • Light – Spread out your cards neatly, using crystals as paperweights if needed, and allow the sun or moonlight to be absorbed into them as a cleansing force.
  • White Light Shuffling – As you shuffle your cards with a focused intention of removing negative energy, pour white light into them so Divine Energy can be transmitted.
  • Crystals – Take time to cleanse and energize your crystals with the specific purpose of keeping your deck clean. Place the crystals around your deck to promote cleansing.
  • Incense – Using incense or sage, your choice, burn this while holding the deck above it, allowing the smoke to pass through. Make sure the deck is rotated and turned so that every side is cleansed.
  • Pendulum – This is simple. Hold the pendulum right above the deck and ask for cleansing as Divine light comes in.

Now that your deck has been cleansed, you are ready to do readings again.